Sat. May 21st, 2022

Original title: Suspense drama ” days ” hold switch on the mobile phone release an activity Suspense drama ” days ” held in Tianjin on April 1 switch on the mobile phone release an activity, film holds the position of total producer by Li Dayong, director Zhang Fan is moved hold guide, by actor plum beautiful woman, Zhang Dengshuai, etc present as leading role to act the leading role, limited company of Beijing of origin every recreation manufactures, limited company of medium of city island culture manufactures jointly. Suspense drama ” days ” those who tell about is to arrive to be mixed with Sun Wen greatly as a child between Zhao Jia accept or reject to dispute gives priority to a line and be caused a series of bizarre episode, in switch on the mobile phone exposure of ceremonial day the corresponding period newest and mysterious placard, film gist and integral composition of a picture are clever be united in wedlock, be full of mystery and expect to feel. In switch on the mobile phone ceremony that day, actor of complete theatrical work assembles in the spot and audience to interact. Relate a story attentively, the affirmatory suspense theatrical work that transfers 10 years ” days ” switch on the mobile phone at be being held today ceremony, drawing audience look while, those who direct bold attempt memory and actual thrust deep into the enemy forces is nonlinear narrative expression means, suspense piece enhance an arrangement, provide the incisively and vividly that the suspense story of Chinese characteristic shows extremely. Film actor strength is deep at the same time, the Zhao Jia of personate of Li Jia’s person gifts the character’s rich simple sense, of part itself sedate and close-lipped let a person set one’s mind at, the mood agitate that conflict dot is in is impressive also. Relapse the play of burnish, seasoned numerous a main actor, such ” true ” and ” truer ” film the process is an audience only of best character be enmeshed experience of type view shadow. In news briefing spot, li Jia voice says, ceng Ge makes a journal / Magazine ” ELLE ” ” city beauty ” ” beautiful bride ” ” fashionable Cosmo ” ” actor home pictorial ” ” fashionable beautiful beautiful ” ” big on the weekend Hotspot ” ” fashionable Ba Sha ” ” Easy ” ” teleplay ” ” Xiao endowment fashion ” , this oneself act the leading role ” days ” rising quite is true test acting and courage. Midnight is wild and expeditionary it is very nervous really and fear, to experience authenticity, cameraman and actor search a person not to have the same night below the situation that assumes He Anquan establishment to film in fine long hair in the middle of the night alone. As we have learned, li Jia’s person, zhejiang medium university graduates, chinese Hangzhou person, height 165cm, weight 45kg, model, compere, like film travel music, having higher aesthetic culture and artistic attainment. The Li Jiani of student times is depending on the distinctive understanding to vogue and perfect figure, plus the strength that has art, the military successes of arrogant person is obtained in fashionable circle, in performing talent all-roundly to let Li Jia’s person become recreation to encircle most valued nova.

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