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Original title: 3 collect persuade to retreat, yang Yang can not perform this kind to hurl dragged part again, go actor route narrow To ” special Zhan Rongyao ” I am at first very those who expect, because the director is Xu Jizhou, I like he and collaboration of Yellow Sea wave ” the designation that never effaces ” . Plus the main actor it is Yang Yang, he still is what agree hard in young actor. Be based on these two reasons, my came this drama. When seeing the first market, before 15 minutes took the qualitative move of the film. Although camera lens shakes a bit giddily, but fight cooperate and occasion is made still calculate online, have the taste of army brigade drama at least. But the window of this drama also with respect to go no further hereat, see the plot of a play of part of second half of the first collect, especially swallow is broken high mountain enrollment is mixed the first day veteran have conflict. What this army brigade drama before covering a region uses is too much, if still be used now, is feeling blind imitation with ludicrous effection? Still have even if defeat to swallow high mountain of this part disposition make, I do not know is a play those who write is such, still be him Yang Yang the understanding of diagonally color, always feel swallow is broken high mountain unlike recruit, fall more resembling is a cadre, first of the world of a pair of father feels. Is swallow broken high mountain what is one’s life experience? What has he experienced? This had not made detailed introduction, be in nevertheless the 23rd collect when, flashback crosses swallow to defeat Yue Xiaoshi to await the issue that is involved to cellar. My guess even if, swallow defeats Yue Xiaoshi to await had been caught by trader in human beings, but this thing and swallow are broken high mountain present disposition also it doesn’t matter concerns, this also cannot explain why swallow is broken high mountain very dragged account. Enrollment bunts the first day monitor, when recruit trains, dare use kill action lane dizzy mate, even not the group politics appoint put in the eye, is this recruit certainly? If have really in reality so a recruit, I feel to be retired from army a lot of times. The group that speaks of Li Yitong personate politics appoint, discipline of bright next year and Yang Yang are about the same, can accomplish group politics unexpectedly appoint, or has powerful connections, or has a medium. If you want to say she is a talent, effort of a few years just can accomplish others constrainedly, the talent rises also not so should fast? Director Xu Jizhou has said, what he pats is comrade-in-arms affection, as to love do not have, the dot arrives till. In the drama anthology that broadcasts at present, yang Yang Li Yitong has 4 adversary to make fun of only in all, one is brush a shoulder and pass, one is the doorway endures example, one is training camping ground, one is to be in a hospital. But I always feel their two be mixed won’t be so simple, arrange this group politics otherwise appoint give existing He Yiyi? Be to want penitentiary swallow to defeat high mountain? Do not brush scintilla giving a point to just be blamed. Recruit enters drilling by accident, enter hang mode, demolish directly hostile headquarters. Such bridge paragraph act the leading role in Wu Jing ” the sharp that I am special type arms gives scabbard ” in had been used, of Xiao Zhan ” ace army ” also had used, be in this time ” special Zhan Rongyao ” in reuse, too common? And, ” I am special type arms ” in produce this bridge paragraph when, leading role is not recruit any more, and happen in actual combat training. ” special Zhan Rongyao ” in, swallow defeats Yue Hai is recruit only, enrollment before long, was not discovered unexpectedly in interfuse training, is this to be in who to insult? An indescribable antagonism drilling, be without art of composition, with play house like. I felt puzzled, is all work force of the play staff used in before 15 minutes of the first collect entirely? Arrived from the back become perfunctory? Spit the there are plenty of such people of groovy gut, return acting of some the Yang Yang that spit groove. Oneself to opinion of Yang Yang it doesn’t matter, like or talking to go up is to be fed up with, ” special Zhan Rongyao ” this drama, fictile swallow broken Yue Te drags Yang Yang, let this part be being carried all the time. High mountain body is defeated to go up in swallow, I see Yang Yang models the shadow of the part that spend before, for instance ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” the night in China, ” the honor that you are me ” in at road, ” rob a tomb takes notes ” the Zhang Qiling in is waited a moment. These parts have to be nodded jointly, that is callous, still drag especially, for the word that uses a netizen, too oily. Try to transform when Huang Xiaoming when fat president figure, yang Yang raised this big flag unexpectedly, do not know this happy event or Bei. Callous after all right, but every part is callous after all, be afraid that the route oneself goes narrow really? Helpful to him acting really? Of vermicelli made from bean starch flatter can have, like with respect to somebody after all such Yang Yang, dan Yangyang wants sober place, you are an actor, you should make acting group. ” special Zhan Rongyao ” can classify arrives in divine drama, it and ” soldier assault ” poor a great distance. A lot of people do not want and ” soldier assault ” than, but must admit, the summit summit of army brigade drama is ” soldier assault ” , be on bad terms to be compared best, is that and who compared?

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