Sat. May 21st, 2022

Original title: ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” fabaceous valve gives a mark 6.4 minutes, does this mark accord with your anticipation Recently, ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” fabaceous valve opens branch, grading is 6.4 minutes. Result is right hey, gut is very compact also, like a men and women very much advocate show share, how does everybody feel? This beans valve opens branch is really in imagining with me not quite same, I consider as a few lower, after all, will tell from integral gut, of this drama or the color that have oneself very much. This pure pure pure passerby expresses low really, say 7.5 have bit of hyperbole, have many unreasonable gut after all, it is not quite good that ending also is handled so that comparative, but integral set is very good, especially male host is set, really dark love the ceiling, actor acting also justifiable, still deserve 7 minutes to go up. Acknowledgment Huang Zitao is perfect naturally explained Gao Leng bully to enrage lovely be proud the size Liu Xun of charming! Fabaceous valve opens branch 6.4 minutes, the fraction is a bit small, drama square if do not make evil spirit can better, anyway the acting that more people approbated you, hope you are better and better, take good theatrical work more many good song, I can continue to support you, expect Song Yang stars greatly come on the stage quickly. You see begin this name may feel Malisu does not want to look, but what after looking, feel true is not such, female advocate disposition is very good really it is a part like the sun, in enlighten the ideal that Liu Xun helps him find his. The life before Liu Xun did not encounter Qianwei is done not have go according to other way feel to want child bear father line of business becomes a judge. is the goodness because of him Qian Wei and integrity take him even enthusiasticly to a new world, liuxun liked Qian Wei full 10 years, realize him when Qian Wei when then the portion likes, had turned round to discover Liu Xun is in all the time actually, this ability is most move my dot. Because,Liu Xun knows of Qian Wei’s father leaving is a bank that has stridden without method in Qian Wei heart, he also did not let her escape these, however the ground is forcing she is more powerful more firm, in Qian Wei the Liu Xun in the heart is having a special place all the time, can be a competitor also can be a boss also can be the friend that knows oneself most even. But she did not put him in the boy friend all the time this is the first love because of Qian Wei not just locally, more it is Liu Xun actually to Qian Wei be in charge of letting Qian Wei think Liu Xun and she can be fluctuation class only seriously can be a friend only, when seeing old money of Liu Xun and Qian Wei for company, feel Liu Xun is to like not just to Qian Wei really so simple had been to love in one’s heart. The family of both sides of friend it may not be a bad idea beside feel they are the most likely mate’s most likely partners already, qian Wei is after contingency is insensible, everything what actually Liu Xun is in all the time and she tells about all 10 this years happening and oneself are long those who grow is dark love, feeling conscience to say this is absolutely is the spooniest male advocate not one of. It is apparently be proud charming is blamed, resemble really actually female advocate saying same bottom of the heart is very soft really very kind-hearted, he knows when Qian Fu falls ill, for company money rushs about everyday only, know Qian Fu and money mother get married 20 years two individual infer go helping to Home Qian Wei immediately video, after hearing Qian Wei to complain Qian Fu does not have her to boil congee of United States age even, rise early the following day send congee. Just a small complaining is not happy but Liu Xun can remember all the time namely, actually the Liu Xun in drama did not pass through, no matter be that Liu Xun 10 years ago,just return the Liu Xun that is now, if be in before,loving Qian Wei what waiting for Qian Wei to discover he is as long as then 10 years is dark love. Before if can have,an opportunity can return 10 years, what can we do? We can have an opportunity to learn better, let oneself become better; We also can have more time to cherish the time that is together with family friend well; We also can struggle better for our dream, make up for our regret, change our life contrail. But life, if,do not have, also won’t be plain sailing, won’t be so perfect more, always have some of bumpy, always have some of regret, have gap always also, have so that have losing ability is life normal. Be like you to hope him achievement is outstanding, that is to want to pay more time to be on study than the ordinary person certainly. You hope you are OK the career has, can have a lot of money, then you are to want to spend big time and energy in certainly if earn money,go up. A lot of moment, we most those who care about often is a result, however just oversight process, actually the process just is the most precious, because it witnessed our past, opened our tomorrow. I believe, regular meeting is having another each on this world oneself, in parallel spatio-temporal the thing that never has doinging us, that also is the life that we never had experienced. The theatrical work of so similar theme is not little, but still be very pretty good this drama whole, of the surprise that return pretty, such combination returns Song Zuer and Huang Zitao is to let us shine at the moment, sweet bestow favor on, happy, humorous, romantic, actor’s lines is pretty good, rhythm is proper also, still be worth to look.

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