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Original title: Look ” break out of an encirclement ” say an actress, lin Manjiang, Qibenan, Shi Gongxing, who is hellion, difficult distinguish? 2018, playwrite week Mei Sen, fall ill be in hospital, but he is incendiary burned a hospital. He writes the year before last year ” people’s name ” broadcast, each are big capital with ” visit the sick ” name comes round to seek cooperation, for a short while poll assemble is moved. Boast guest medium also is among them one of. Another novels that they consider a Zhou Mei dark ” people’s belongings ” pat teleplay. After Zhou Mei dark is informed the intent of the other side, it is difficult to made however. This novel is the work that his this all one’s life misses to write most, the experience of the hero also is the experience that he has had. But the story that what the novel tells is state-owend enterprise reform, not ” people’s name ” so attract eyeball, and the water that the state-owend enterprise reforms ” not as shallow as official circles ” , this means true motion picture to be faced with possibly also a series of problem of examine and verify. Media of Dan Yao’s guest expresses to want to take a your work that can stay, zhou Mei dark is touched, then teleplay ” people’s belongings ” carried program. ” people’s name ” from switch on the mobile phone to sow used a year of time, and this ” people’s belongings ” used 3 years of time however, experienced a series of wind storm rain. By 2018, this play investment films, invest 400 million yuan. This drama assemble Jin Dong, yan Ni, huang Zhizhong, chen Xiao, qin Lan, geng Le, wait for actual strength to send an actor. And ” people’s name ” than rising, go even farther than. In January 2019, be over of complete theatrical work. But because subject matter is bold, this drama encountered a lot of obstacle in examine and verify. Be in next in two years, this drama was experienced twice break up pat, in all cutout reduced 17 volume. Finally ” people’s belongings ” original name instead ” break out of an encirclement ” , met in not long ago and audience eventually. Be in ” break out of an encirclement ” on the news briefing, zhou Mei dark expresses excitedly, this drama and audience meet is one big victory. 103010 defend in east inspect head sow, network platform synchronism is newer. Leather elder brother also saw 4 market, there is a lot of word to want to say after looking, it is a long story. With ” break out of an encirclement ” same, ” people’s name ” the story also happens in capital city. These two drama each other are independent, but also have certain connection. Everybody’s for instance familiar secretary Li Dakang still exists in new theatrical work, it is the actor changed only, part name also changed the Sun Liancheng that for instance we are familiar with Lv Deguang, warden also is in, but ” break out of an encirclement ” his name changed Sun Yingcheng, he was dismissed, be sent house of science and technology. In the beginning of this film, he appears in house of science and technology. Our for instance familiar Yi Xue, appear in new theatrical work, still be former actor, it is the name changed the capital city that Li Xuexi holds in the 3rd collect to narrate seminar of cheap report one’s work to go up only, lv Deguang makes the Ding Yizhen in, person such as Sun Liancheng before also was mentioned when the speech, let us find familiar sense. Nevertheless, this kind of linkage is an ornament only, ” break out of an encirclement ” the story is brand-new. It related the story that a state-owend enterprise reforms, complete theatrical work has two time line. A brilliant development course that is this state-owend enterprise 80 years, one is the story that this state-owend enterprise experiences in 80 days. Two time line mutual nest, braid gave an intricate story network, zhou Mei dark thinks when playwrite ” break out of an encirclement ” make the river on a Pure Brightness pursue, should we are a state-owend enterprise, medium small the life of each levels of civilian look forward to and contemporary common people shows an audience. Before 4 market look, the spot with the darkest feeling of leather elder brother is ” information content ” . Compare other affusion theatrical work, ” break out of an encirclement ” the information content that gives is too big. Complete theatrical work at the beginning, group of the blessing in the state-owend enterprise received 80 time absurd, but the blessing in subsidiary capital city produced mine to show water accident however. Group president Lin Manjiang (Huang Zhizhong is acted the role of) Qi Benan of capable able person (Jin Dong is acted the role of) the president that appointed capital city to hold the position of subsidiary, shi Gongxing of general manager of company of this two pairs (Yan Ni is acted the role of) caused a worry, and Lin Manjiang, Qibenan, Shi Gongxing or belt of a master come out, 3 people also enemy Yi You, a big play is pulled open slowly. Complete theatrical work enters the mouth to cut with installing dying together to recieve orders originally, took our experience to reach party card leader, industry the group such as reporter of tall canal, newspaper office and rock-bottom common people, almost the place that every audience can find him in drama. And most let me cry absolutely is, saw 4 market, I am stupefied is cent who is good person in not clear lead, who is hellion, every part has justice and selfish one side. The Lin Manjiang that says Huang Zhizhong personate, great talent and bold vision, it is the palm door person of the enterprise. But mix for title of a model worker when he is young others roughhouses, final teacher changed him to visit model worker with model worker of a whole nation, can see this individual haggle over every penny. And his authority is pulled alone after in power, how is the son of one’s master that superior constitutes him become together originally subsidiary a party to an undertaking, but he waited for a month to just announce formally, apparently saying to cover the general principle that is an official, but nobody knows to there is what abacus after all in his heart. Say this installing the leading role of Jin Dong personate is neat again, really a suit healthy atmosphere, new officer assumes office burned 3 fire, return the inferior close the door on bribery. But his ability too over- , offended many people, still squeeze those who occupied Shi Gongxing of division elder sister accidentally the office, capital city group remittent displeased, be destined to want suffer a setback from the back. It is the Shi Gongxing of Yan Ni personate then. She is a female strong person in drama, everything always is charge forward, but breadth of mind is not open however, install all sorts of find fault together to junior fellow apprentice originally, qi Benan goes to Home Lin Manjiang doing a meal, she feels junior fellow apprentice is in insinuate president. A new official applies strict measures of junior fellow apprentice, she felt to burn her to meet the person says acerbity word. Complete theatrical work Yi Xie of Yizheng of 3 big leading role. Piece have a show, 3 people ate a meal to come in Home Lin Manjiang edition of artillery piece of a mouth ” the the Three Kingdoms is killed ” , between their the way one speaks or what he says scintilla 4 splash, serving as an audience to who expect very hard is finally the big tiger that is hit. The immortal matchs powers above admittedly wonderful, below is impish fighting is good-looking more. Xi Meijuan is in drama personate Cheng the Dragon Boat Festival, she is 3 big leading role in those days master, humanness is very decent, but have a sneaking son Pi Dan however, for this son, she often appeals oneself prentice, this also became her spot. Actor tall Xin with respect to the day skin red with personate sneaking a respectful form of address for an old person. Gao Xin ever a person of extraordinary powers of Er of personate handsome young man, later transition, be in ” Dou Ting is good ” in the eldest brother Su Mingzhe with cowardly personate, in this drama he acted again so the part of a feel vexed. Pi Dan is the president of capital city energy resources, the result is do-nothing however, do not run a company well, outer fry a room, gnaw in the home old, qi Benan assumes office his Lu come down. The person of outstanding talent of general manager ox of capital city energy resources, he and leather red were comprised ” cowhide ” combination, two a bit of a clown are in drama. Niu Junjie and Shi Gongxing are husband and wife, result however seemingly in harmony but actually at variance, at the brim of the divorce, he is wearing slovenly, work raunchy, on a conference that assumes office in Qibenan with respect to catnap, snore thunderously offend National People’s Congress to laugh, it is difficult to produced ore before before one night, he lodges for the night do not have go off to handle an accident, this part also was to be full of complexity. Person of Niu Junjie that act is Geng Le, also be a little fresh pork in those days, absolutely did not think of Geng Le and Gao Xin in those days two old handsome young men became this play do laugh take on. Essay actor full stop also acted a firm role land to build in drama. He is vice secretary of Party committee of capital city group, those who be opposite this together installing is airborne very malcontent, when opening plenary meeting for the first time, he is direct malinger be in hospital did not go. A lot of people feel full stop is an essay actor only, actually his acting Oh, be in in those days of Huang Jianxin ” face of back back of a chair is right face ” the firm role that performed a double-dealing, in this drama personate land is built also is have words. The wife Fan Jiahui that Qin Lan installs together originally in the personate in drama, it is the chief editor of a newspaper office, and she will be pulled give a new story line. In retrospective drama anthology, the Qin Xiaochong that Chen Xiao acts is cheated 300 thousand breaking up one’s family, group of the blessing in be being mixed through Fan Jiahui buys a concern him, this originally daedal drama anthology will more with twisted roots and gnarled branches-complicated and difficult to deal with. Resemble week of Mei Sen saying in that way, ” break out of an encirclement ” not be ” people’s name ” the drama that lighted in that way, but it is more comprehensive, paid close attention to square field surface of the society, it is the float world draw of a contemporary edition. After experiencing be difficult to do of two years, it meets low-keyly with the audience eventually, and advanced after the elaborate of 4 collect, real great drama was about to begin, young associate people be chased after rapidly! Civil / editorial office of leather skin film: A chicken? Achieve Piao article copyright formerly: Leather skin film (Ppdianying) reprint without what accredit does not have any forms please

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