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Original title: Think they are leading role, did not think of to take the scenario of costar however, do these 7 parts make person meaning hard make the same score? Some teleplay playwrite often is not pressed previously secure a road to give a shop sign. They often cerebral hole is large, the clue that arranges a few expect to be less than stimulates an audience, make a lot of audiences that seek theatrical work aching unceasingly, a few classical ending still let an audience be at ease hard. For instance ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed 1 ” big ending, a lot of people think Zhao is clever appear from water come, ending can be end-all, clever with her happy elder brother is met be together happily. Cannot think of, it is when the audience is the happiest, gut take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly, bring about Zhao Ling be in to death plum in free bosom. This ending let a lot of stream of people issue tear. In teleplay ” the world the first ” in, xie Xuan, of personate go up Guan Haitang not only the appearance is perfect, and comely and handsome, gas resides the person in audience memory not to fall high all the time. But playwrite did a bit finally, made Piao Xu direct kill a Chinese flowering crabapple. This clue lets in those days the audience dare believe scarcely. What a lot of people cannot accept a Chinese flowering crabapple is dead, so flat abandon theatrical work, arrive all the time even now very be fed up with tall circle. The author of TVB does not like more abuse audience. Be in by Huang Zongze Zhong Jiaxin, the main actor’s teleplay ” affection of the danger that protect a flower ” in, man and woman spent a paragraph of hard time together. Result playwrite stages tragedy forcibly in last collect, the unexpectedly lets sudden death of Huang Zongze part, remain heroine only a person, the audience scolds this earthshaking playwrite not to change outcome. What does above example calculate. More insufferable is, in a lot of teleplay, a lot of parts just came on the stage be considered as leading role by accident by the audience. But did not think of, these parts took costar scenario only, ate lunch early, all makes a person disappointed. 1: ” snowflake god sword ” , gong Cien’s Nie Xiaofeng, although be female 3, however will female one female 2 limelight are grabbed by Zhao Liying Huo Jianhua, the main actor’s teleplay ” spend 1000 bone ” the theme that lets Shi Tuzhi love spread everywhere to the whole nation. Do not cross a novel ” spend 1000 bone ” what point to actually is the play 20 years ago ” snowflake god sword ” . ” snowflake god sword ” the playwrite of this drama is very wonderful also, fictile female 3 date comparing female mix one number female 2 numbers more existence feels. Although the Nie Xiaofeng that 3 heroine of this drama are personate of great beauty Gong Cien is 3 heroine only, but in gut early days, nie Xiaofeng lets an audience think she is a heroine by accident, no matter be acting or Yan Zhi. Especially Luo Xuan, she of place personate and ginger are defended greatly, that pair loves the master-apprentice relation that hates again again, it is the hotspot with this the biggest play. That year Gong Cien is in this play very marvellous really. No matter be the girl that early days Qing Chunke loves, or later period is black the bully energy of life is very demon after changing teachs the founder of a religion, by her deductive incisively and vividly. She used countless audiences to the crazy affection of Luo Xuan’s Great Master, commit suicide before Luo Xuan’s Great Master finally, let countless people weep. However, it is among teleplay, the writer did not continue to write Nie Xiaofeng, actor’s lines, begin to write Nie Xiaofeng however the story of two daughters. But no matter be Yang Gong,the plum crimson snow of personate still is Chen Wei, the old Xuan Shuang of personate is dull love brain damage, although they just are female one female 2, but did not discuss completely to spend and exist feeling, especially plum crimson snow is wolf of supercilious look be vituperationed more. ” snowflake god sword ” this drama crossed so much year, the focus of audience discussion is whether Luo Xuan has loved Nie Xiaofeng all the time, jiang Dawei and Gong Ci En gave out the answer of polarity. Jiang Dawei feels Luo Xuan loves Guo Xiaofeng, and Gong Ci Enze says Luo Xuan did not love Guo Xiaofeng. Have even the actor disparate result, this drama also is magical. 2: ” Wu Long enters affection to close ” , think Lin Xinru is leading role at the beginning, but her whole journey makes sauce in those days Lin Xinru because ” return Zhugege ” bright red big violet later, it is the assurance that viewing rate and attention spend, drama of a lot of movie and TV makes a company want to let her give the teleplay that performs him company. Appeared for many times then although Lin Xinru just gues-stars, be regarded as however female advocate propagandist teleplay, ” Wu Long enters affection to close ” namely among them one of. In those days all sorts of general trends publicize the banner that this drama is playing Lin Xinru at the beginning, discharge even titles music in front of Cao Ying Lin Xinru’s name even, what a lot of spectators that love Lin Xinru think she is this drama is female advocate, when sowing, each is defending a television to look. However if heart of this drama forest makes fun of the portion is few, besides make fun of a bit in teleplay begin beyond the portion, whole course of the others time gets offline, because,show share is gut, be forced to change to let another person act her part, true true be sure to explained He Wei try to palm off sth. inferior to what it purports to be. And the heroine with this real theatrical work, it is the Huo Shuixian of Cao glume personate, cao Ying is in this drama the appearance of an actor is handsome acting is very pretty good also, make this theatrical work finally the biggest person that be benefited, this part also became Huo Shuixian her masterpiece, those who became the eternity in countless people mental view is classical. 3: ” mythological ” , the Lv Su of golden Sha personate, come on the stage time is not much, the teleplay that acts the leading role higher than goodwife gas however by Hu Ge in those days ” mythological ” , it is the belle is like the cloud really inside drama, put Zhang Meng of Chen Zi case on the ice in vain each is summit of Yan Zhi summit, be come on the stage however however the Jin Sha with not much time gives compared go down, lv element of Jin Sha is the existence like Bai Yueguang really, ” astral Luna word ” this song is the masterpiece that became her more. The Lv Su of golden Sha personate this part, the person that coming on the stage is heroine completely sets configuration. The Lv Su in drama grows beautifully not only ground of disposition good intention is kind-hearted, with the Yi Xiaochuan of personate of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song, be typical a perfect match between a man and a girl more is male one female one configuration, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad at that time song and golden Sha also are CP feeling explodes canopy, the gut that two their people are together is particularly absorbing. This thinking that of golden Sha personate is female one, final write a play also can arrange two individual lovers to become spouses eventually, however gut arranges Lv Su to get offline early in the 8th collect however. Lv Su to save Yi Xiaochuan, the life that chooses him sacrifice. So ideal leading role person sets Lv Su, get so early however handy, this one clue lets very much at that time person cannot be accepted, more a lot of audiences speak myth to have 8 market only, myth is not had after Lv Su is dead such word, abandon theatrical work directly after Lv Su is dead. 4: ” wind and cloud ” , think Jiang Qin is diligent at the beginning the bright moon of personate is female advocate, the result appears only a few collect get offline in teleplay ” wind and cloud ” inside, in those days Jiang Qin is diligent the bright moon of personate comes on the stage, admired with respect to Jing countless audiences, ming Yan of bright moon appearance is moving gas field is powerful, still be Nie Feng’s first love, she and the show share that Nie Feng is together, it is the immortal in imagination of a lot of people completely family dependant associate, a lot of people think she is female by accident advocate. However gut has done not have a few collect, playwrite arranges bright moon accident to drop cliff however, act on leading role to drop the tradition that cliff won’t die commonly, a lot of viewers think bright moon affirmation is living still. But till teleplay ending, the bright moon did not revive once more, a lot of viewers think even at that time from the back appearing the 2nd dream is the bright moon. ” wind and cloud ” this drama looks very magical also now, after all who is heroine, do not let a person completely really be not guessed to finally. After the bright moon is dead, the viewer thinks Kongcihui is heroine again, after all in drama 3 big male advocate Dou Aikong mothers, can not think of Kong Ci was gotten very quickly also handy. The clear that comes on the stage from the back and deep and remote if, also be being thought to meet by accident by a lot of audiences in those days is female advocate, discover they also are costar only however finally however. And ” wind and cloud ” right feminine lead the 2nd dream, gut is about to undertake the half just comes on the stage, in those days the Jiang Qin that this part if it were not for is day person by Jing comes frequently personate, existence feeling is met absolutely very low, never come on the stage after all so late female. Although the bright moon is mixed,must say the 2nd dream is Jiang Qin diligent act, but the person of the bright moon is set and Yan Zhi should compare the 2nd dream strong too much. 5: ” beauty calculation ” , the Liu Shaokang of severe wide personate, leading role person is set is soy play however the teleplay in Yu Zheng ” beauty calculation ” inside, not only Wang Likun of Lin Xinru Yang Mi waits for large quantities of one belles, have large quantities of one handsome young men such as Luo Jin of peak of carry on of Feng of Chen Jian sharp edge more, want to consider Yan Zhi’s top inside drama male part however, liu Shaokang not belongs to the soy handsome young man that is not severe wide personate absolutely. In those days the Yan Kuan of summit of Yan Zhi summit, the Liu Shaokang of personate comes on the stage, take jokingly bad laugh slightly, wanton eyes, add and female advocate fall in love at first sight, in kiss, rain is being stimulated in water, calm affection, hero saves the gut such as the United States, no matter be a person,be set and Yan Zhi, looking absolutely in the audience is the hero of appropriate appropriate. However playwrite does not press a road completely however to give a shop sign, let Yan Kuan only inside this play friendship gues-stars, he has 6 show only merely inside whole play, enter the court in end of the first collect only, in the 2nd collect by Wang Likun of personate careful stab to death, the whole thing the play capacity that does not reach 8 minutes. It is probably in those days Yan Kuantai too Jing is colourful, this ending makes a lot of audiences that seek theatrical work intense resent, even the audience launched renascent card, yu Zhengchong of intense proposal playwrite writes the plot of a play newly, let Yan Kuan this part is returned to once more, this with one action moves this is animated really what to explain to call Yan Zhi namely productivity. 6: ” teenager Zhang Sanfeng ” , the bright line of Li Xiaolu personate is red, thinking is leading role however midway gets offline ancient costume teleplay ” teenager Zhang Sanfeng ” , look OK nowadays saying is numerous nebular collect, if Hujing forest heart is like,Li Bing puts heart of Wang Yan forest on the ice is first-class entirely the old beautiful woman of one. In those days the Li Xiaolu of summit of Yan Zhi summit, be Jing is day person more inside this drama, rely on before she was maintained half drama almost. The part of the Li Xiaolu in drama calls Ming Daogong, when this part comes on the stage in those days, it is female that the viewer thinks she is met. Her person in drama sets the sorceress that is a fortune-telling, have her 20 years old only at the beginning, be given the father with Mr Zhang already sexagenarian treasure to be concubine by parental betroth, the night of get married was given to take away by Mr Zhang treasure however. Inside this play she and the Mr Zhang treasure of Zhang Weijian personate, be the model in play of ancient costume idol is male one female it is to jubilate the mode of enemy. In those days Li Xiaolu is really clever beautiful acting is not bad, the viewer thinks she can live to be to be together with Mr Zhang treasure finally. However gut still is less than a half, playwrite arranges Ming Daogong to save Mr Zhang treasure be died by mine blast, especially a few final that should die together to death, earned the tear of too much person really in those days. In those days a lot of audiences see Ming Daogong gets offline so, dare not believe completely, it is female that very much after all person thinks she is met advocate. ” teenager Zhang Sanfeng ” this drama, likelihood at the beginning the Qin Sairong that everybody thinks to be less than You Libing to put personate on the ice, just be true female. After all at the beginning Qin Sairong comes on the stage the viewer thinks she is great villain in drama, and in those days the Yan Zhi that Li Bing puts on the ice, in introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Jing Wangyan Li Bing puts one caboodle beautiful philtrum on the ice, more dim and blank fine long hair is ordinary. 7: ” 8 big gallantmans ” , this thinking that Chen Guanxi is male advocate, the result gets brilliant of box meal king the first times hold the teleplay that guide, it is galaxy assemble all the time, teleplay ” 8 big gallantmans ” not exceptional also, cast is more powerful and clinking in light of now, female star has Fanbing to put Li Bing on the ice to put Li Xiaolu on the ice each old beautiful woman such as Dong Xuan, male star has forest of Liu Yi Liu Songren acute hearing wait for acting to send, most the Chen Guanxi that the male part with colourful Jing is summit of Yan Zhi summit without doubt. The Xie Jiaqi of personate of face Chen Guanxi in drama, it is the rich home childe in 8 big gallantmans, tasteful Ti Tang, humor humour, appearance appearance is brilliant, be very the big boy with the ruffian handsome beautiful ruffian that suffers a girl to like. This kind of ideal person is set add in those days the Chen Guanxi of summit of Yan Zhi summit, come on the stage the audience feels Chen Guanxi is without doubt male. The coronal is reported ~ in person to hope in teleplay however the part of personate, be in only however mere the 6th collect is given to kill by the Hunan Hunan of Fan Bingbing personate, be thought to be male by accident by the audience originally he, made the part that this drama gets box meal the first times however. The operation of this kind of arise suddenly, the true audience Jing that lets seek theatrical work in those days is gotten dumbfounded. Have the audience of play more, up-to-date be fed up with Fan Bingbing. Of course ” 8 big gallantmans ” this drama is a big tragedy originally, inside gut besides Dong Xuan the flat element of personate asks ending is living beyond, someone else was gotten entirely handy, before terminal finally element asks them 7 people grave ordinal the clue that puts a flower is true plunge into a heart. Must say Wang Jing’s teleplay, no matter be ” small fish do not have with the flower be short of ” or ” the world the first ” , finally is the ending that the group destroys. Epilogue: Although in those days playwrite and director often do not press a road to give a shop sign, a few ending can make audience meaning difficult be made the same score now, but far also very more too much than the drama covering a region that those automation line manufacture now. Present teleplay is really can guess coda from one begin, be without a surprise to be without an accident, pardonable also audience Dou Aihuai is old now see old play, old after all drama is classical really and worth while recall for many times.

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