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Original title: Face Gao Yan value daughter deserves to still can admire press beautiful women or fragrant flowers, just calculate the old beautiful woman of be worthy of the name, xiao Qiang too Jing is colourful! 2010, teleplay ” beauty calculation ” let Lin Xinru salty fish turn over, but also let an audience begin to oppugn Lin Xinru’s belle. Although Lin Xinru is in this drama personate daughter an antrum, but was grabbed by a flock of female costar of tall Yan Zhi in drama however limelight. Lin Xinru of 34 years old, had crossed the summit summit of own Yan Zhi. In this play, the flesh on Lin Xinru face begins prolapse apparently, the eye also is done not have so bright before, girl feeling also disappeared. Nevertheless the chaperon of this drama is young and beautiful, do not have harm really without contrast. Wang Likun of element colour goddess, in the personate in this drama a lot of parts, acting makes a person impressive, qing Chunzhi is beautiful at any time can switch. Although she is loveless in drama, but she lets an audience follow facial features to go. When appearing at the same time with Lin Xinru when her especially, the look of the audience is attracted by her almost. Had not unplugged the Yang Mi of the tooth, mo Xueyuan is acted in drama. Although the face is tender still tender, but a pair of big eyes filled clever air. Although gut slaves girl her set for Lin Xinru, dan Yang power compares Lin Xinru, more grab an eye, mo Xueyuan the summit summit that this part is value of Yang Mi colour really. Have Su Qing, the Deng Sha that the clever person of Zhang Yan plum that act performs, the Zhang Meng that Wei Zifu performs, act hind dear everybody is the summit summit at him value only, having completely different color. Before these beauty, young, tender woman, lin Xinru, as heroine, be convinced by her beautiful place. But, real top class beauty, although face Gao Yan to be worth a female, still can show itself in belle crowd. Only those high price are worth their fine-looking ability awe female. If change a person to perform leading role, they are afraid of grabbed limelight. 00-1010 ” big fellow the emperor ” belle of this drama it may be said is like the cloud. The summit of colour value summit of very much female star is in this drama. At that time, chen Zi case also is called in drama Chen Sha Sha, the princess making the same score this world that she acts although right now Chen Zi case is young still, but the princess making the same score this world that she acts feels without the youth of new personality however. The nobility of the princess that make the same score this world of her the wording and purpose of what one writes, proud, dignified, compare even ” white snake is passed ” medium small blueness is even beautiful. Chengdu of business of old beautiful woman, the Huaihe River is acted in this play south, liege Liu Ling, she is the bad woman of a high intelligence quotient really. Although be villain in drama, but still make a person impressive. In this drama, men’s clothing is handsome and threatening, female outfit is beautiful beautiful Shang Rong, it is one of the most conspicuous woman roles in drama. Actress king spirit is not famous, but her Wei Zifu is the great beauty with the delicate facial features that Wang Ling of accepted optimal Wei Zifu does not belong to traditional sense to go up. She does not have double-fold eyelid big eye of Europe, however eye of single-edged eyelid Dan Feng. Classic temperament of Wang Ling is very strong. When she puts on ancient costume, she resembles drawing a medium lady it seems that. Look when me ” the teenager wraps blue sky ” when, I am in by Liu Yijun ” big fellow the emperor ” in the Pang Feiyan that act was stupefied, the Qiu Chan that Liu Yijun acts is unforgettable also. Liu Yijun belongs to the sort of is full of clever gas, enchanting and lovely belle, she fails bright red really some regrettablly. Although ” big fellow the emperor ” in have the Gao Yan with so much disparate style value daughter matchs, but come on the stage when charming of Gu Jingwen reading aloud a slave, still be will all female the ray that match is collective to covered. In those days the Gu Jingwen of summit of Yan Zhi summit, even if garment of a suit element does not besmear cosmetics as before the United States is gotten extremely beautiful, especially titles she the picture with fan block face, it is Jing admired more the childhood of countless people. ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” the Zhao Min modelling in too pull hip, ” to honour beauty ” the makeup look of the Wu Mei’s woman in too thick, charming reading aloud a slave just is the summit summit of Yan Zhi of Gu Jingwen ancient costume. When seeing play in those days, often plaint, gu Jingwen performs deficient charming reading aloud a slave, ability pins drama inside that a flock of female match, change a person to may be gone to by the second broken bits not remnant. 2: ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” Li Retong is early nowadays already the Gu Tianle edition of apotheosis ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” , what although be,give priority to with Yang Guo is big male advocate play, but inside drama that one numerous greenery female matching each is Yan Zhichao’s tall beautiful woman, take to come out to be able to act casually female advocate. The Guo Fu of Fu Mingxian personate, although the person is set,do not denounce completely happy event, dan Fuming constitution relied on his Yan Zhizheng to save this bad person to set however. Fu Mingxian facial features is very delicate, the rich and gaudy that is a model hangs beauty, the Guo Fu of her personate accords with the Guo Fu in the book completely is the set that the Gong Mei that take thorn rares. The Cheng Ying of Zhang Keyi edition, be most the Cheng Ying that accords with origianl work, in those days the Zhang Keyi with a green piping below the month garment, read aloud when giving that to see childe cloud moustache is fond of already, touched countless audiences. Zhang Keyi is the old beautiful woman of one’s previous experience of harbor elder sister originally, acting comparatives again outstanding, her Cheng Ying resembles is like going from the book. The Li Mo anxious of snow pear personate, a lot of people because of her acting oversight her fine-looking, want to know Xue Li can be specialist of beauty of TVB ancient costume, raise one’s hand of her Li Mo anxious carries sufficient between the amorous feelings that has old beautiful woman, it is a book completely inside that is drilled by the bare of animosity becloud double eye him faery. The Guo of Li Qi red personate assists, clever charming is spruce melting, acting also is each version optimal. See Yang Guo picks that paragraph of show when next masks especially, li Qi is red behave charming be ashamed of the girl and surprise incisively and vividly, she also is called to be most the Guo Xiang that accords with origianl work. Soy part is connected inside this drama beautiful to asphyxial, in those days the soy part He Yuanjun of Zhang Yan personate, although come on the stage time is extremely short, but as before the United States quivers to liver, young the Zhang Yan when fails to act in TVB on heroine, a bit regretful really, she is appropriate Gu Youyi obviously today old beautiful woman. Although female costar is each version almost inside this drama optimal, but the ray that does not block Li Retong as before, small Long Nv of Li Retong is unquestionable the first beauty as before. In those days small Long Nv of Li Retong when a Bai Yi comes on the stage, as if fairy descend to the world, not only Jing admired Zhen Zhibing, also Jing admired audience. Small Long Nv this part comparatives actually bad to act, the person is set quite bored, also have a characteristic without other female appear with anther leading player. If not be to rely on Li Retong’s Yanzhi and acting to prop up, be made fun of very easily really the upstage of other female appear with anther leading player in. The final result that sees Chen Yan hope knows small Long Nv had many to act hard, act bad the end that is group of ridicule. 3: ” Yuan Zhenxia ” if Li Jiaxin wants to review TVB Yan Zhi’s highest theatrical work, head push teleplay ” Yuan Zhenxia ” . Hero is dawn of white horse prince, female advocate it is the first beauty of Hong Kong Li Jiaxin, female match also each is immortal Yan Zhi, be can act inside other theatrical work female advocate fine-looking. The Zhu Yin of summit of Yan Zhi summit, be female inside this drama match one of. The Zhu Yin inside drama is clever charming is spruce, facial features is extremely delicate, do not be defeated by her completely to be in ” boast swims on the west ” and ” kip power dragon ” in fine-looking. Be regarded as the actress Hong Xin of deadly enemy by Li Jiaxin, also be this drama is female match one of. Be admired to Jing by the Hong Xin in this drama really in those days, her stature carries the skin high white fair-skinneding facial features is beautiful, that is like the long hair like chute directly on collocation, it is the appearance of goddess completely. The Wang Fei after reaching the sky is inside this drama have look good as result of recieving praise, all along the Wang Fei of cruel cruel, still take elegant course inside this drama, raise one’s hand carries sufficient send out a powerful gas field. Of the Yan Zhizhen that must say Wang Fei is be underestimated by too much person, an all wool and a yard wide old beautiful woman also is absolutely when she is young. However Li Jiaxin comes on the stage, still let a person understand what just calls the Hong Kong of remarkably original and forceful the first beauty. She is inside this play simply the United States arrives glow, foil Zhu Yin short black, before the Li Jiaxin that Hong Xin’s delicate facial features hangs the ceiling in rich and gaudy, did not have existence completely also to feel, she compares Wang Fei even even more elegant. The Li Jiaxin in this drama can say really is a god block deicide Buddha kill Buddha, everybody and she stands at the same place dim and blank, it is the fine-looking show of her individual simply. If you all the time what Get is less than Li Jiaxin is fine-looking, so look please ” Yuan Zhenxia ” , li Jiaxin makes admire to your demonstrative what personally press beautiful women or fragrant flowers. Also only Li Jiaxin acts female one, ability won’t be given to grab limelight by Hong Xin of king humble Zhu Yin, ability is being accomplished really colourful press beautiful women or fragrant flowers to be pressed down female advocate a place where people gather for various purposes. 4: ” day dragon 8 ” Liu Yifei although TVB edition ” day dragon 8 ” bead jade is advanced, but the edition in Zhangji ” day dragon 8 ” also still can apotheosis, one of hotspots with this the biggest play are complete member all beauty, can saying is teleplay Shi Shangmei female most teleplay. Still calculate the Liu Tao of new personality in those days, depending on A Zhu Yi horn is red all over the whole nation, the A Zhurong appearance of Liu billows personate beautiful, eyeball is clever, have charm of a moving gas oneself. That one play that is beaten dead by Qiao Feng especially, more beautiful earthshaking. The Mu Wanqing of Jiang glad personate opens veil, it is Jing is day person really, can saying is most accord with the Mu Wanqing of origianl work. In those days all over the face the empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of China the wife of a prince of collagen albumen, already chilly amorous feelings, it is water wood Tsinghua really, beautiful Qing Yang’s feeling. 10 thousand people confuse the A Zi of Chen Hao personate, although the person is set,do not denounce happy event, but in those days Chen Hao of 23 years old, the A Zi of her personate lets person hate completely however do not rise, clever in contain to sly, with dignified A bright red it is two kinds of disparate beauty. A few lovers that connect Duan Zhengchun have each beauty each, person of footman of madam of king of darling of pleasant of red cotton of the Qin Dynasty of Ruan star bamboo each is peerlessly beautiful beauty, everybody has his unique temperament. Connect king mother-in-law even such passerby part, the actor is the top class old beautiful woman that elegance and talent uniques among his contemporaries. Face so much Gao Yan to be worth female costar, just think if Wang Yuyan is not,also poor by Liu personate, the word of the Hui Qiao of the Song Dynasty of Korea female star that chooses at first however, wang Yuyan is met absolutely by female deserve admire pressure, the person that also does not have a law to maintain elder sister of Wang Yuyan’s immortal is set. In those days just Liu Yifei of 15 years old, had grown graceful old beautiful woman, the Wang Yuyan of her personate comes on the stage let a person exclamation this female answer only the sky has. From the Liu Yifei of the gas that take celestial being, facial features is classic delicate, the skin is so tender that the skin resembled paring the egg of housing, like when with other actress the station arrives one case, asing if to take filter looking glass oneself. Pardonable also be opposite even Jin Yong in those days the Wang Yuyan of Liu Yifei personate admires substantially, and say only words of king of Liu Yifei personate handsomes, world person with ability knows Jin Yong does not have boast. Also have only the Liu of summit of Yan Zhi summit also poors at that time, ability pins drama inside that a flock of beautiful female match people, also only Liu Yifei just can let the immortal elder sister in person book exist really. 5: ” knife of small Li Fei ” Xiao Qiang ” knife of small Li Fei ” inside this drama, also gathered together the beauty that each area elegance and talent unique among his contemporaries, each are the classic beauty of beautiful of all of temperament of Yan Zhi acting. Inside drama the Sun Xiaogong of Gu Jingwen personate, can saying is the appear with anther leading player with person top energy of life. In those days Gu Jingwen has not blossommed thoroughly old beautiful woman, but already enough also Jing is colourful, the double face of fertilizer of the baby that take a place deserves to go up clever big eye, the girl feels dye-in-the-wood. Still do not have bright red Fan Bingbing in those days, the apricot of her personate also be her Yanzhi height, it is to perform servant girl likewise, ” knife of small Li Fei ” the apricot in, can be worth than returning the Jin Suoyan of her personate in bead division division tall too much. The Yang Yan of Jing grand faery of Yu letter personate, if Jing grand correct is like You Long,be Pian really, facial features is absolutely temperamental more absolutely, come on the stage with respect to clench the eyeball of the audience, she is colourful smooth 4 shoot, god looking around flies, the United States is colourful incomparable, faery descend to the world is become so. The elegant demeanour of Jing grand faery, jing grand dekko, make person look over unforgettable. However these beauty add up, still do not touch Guo Xiaoqiang’s Lin Shiyin. Xiao Qiang’s Lin Shiyin comes on the stage, what to just explain to call Jing day person truly. In those days the Xiao Qiang of summit of Yan Zhi summit, be deduced even fan head to get have a distinctive flavor by her, the modelling that also props up this kind of strange flower with respect to desolate Qiang ability. Xiao Qiang is inside this drama, with solid the Yan Zhi of dozen of fact proved him Taiwan the title of the first beauty is not billow absolutely get undeserved reputation, she is really true old beautiful woman, also the Lin Shiyin with respect to Xiao Qiang, just be worth to let Li Xin joyous bear in mind constantly. If change someone else to perform Lin Shiyin, be afraid of is to want by female match collective to admire pressure. Epilogue: Say to should face Gao Yan so when value daughter matchs, just be to examine female advocate the opportunity that is unique beauty, if female advocate it is all wool and a yard wide old beautiful woman, also can be worth in Gao Yan female match in show itself; If female advocate the beauty that is be unworthy of the name or the title, that can be admired to press with Lin Xinru only.

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