Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Original title: Where is walking Cd kept apart at present? Walking Cd forest, the new coronal that where affects is he? He was not in the home that plant a flower, it is outer country, he is small recently rich says is in home town, that is Singapore, also someone says is new York. I like Li Geng to hope very much, the news that there is her? Her short way fast slippery that play surmounts market echo very good, a play can cooperate with Fan Wei, she is belonged to the first female advocate, but the great main actor that does not know whole theatrical work, great main actor is Fan Wei, qin Hao. Is the talk that I consider to ask Guo Zifan that the closest amour true? Everything originally appearance, it is that look that you see, blessing. I want to ask, before apotheosis trilogy, can be you still shown? Can show, waiting for a good schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, at present the director is preparing new film.

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