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Original title: 10 the most disappointing 2021 homebred drama, ” Yunnan bug cereal ” the 9th, ” break out of an encirclement ” the 5th? Was about to end 2021, the homebred teleplay this year is really ” half happy care ” . On one hand, thematic drama ” hill sea affection ” 103010 ” arousal time ” was born, on the other hand, a lot of originally by explode the paragraph booked the drama that sows alone to gain reputation. Let us be a mark with fabaceous valve viewing rate and person energy of life, before looking to broadcast this year in light of, be full of expect, the most disappointing 10 after broadcasting homebred drama. These drama have a common characteristic, or is to be made greatly, great actor, big director, or is big IP. Broadcast around is unusually hot. 10, ” exploit ” 6.4 beanses valve acted the leading role ” Xiao Zhan, wu Xuanyi ” and ” Chen Yiru ” teleplay ” fight Luo Daliu ” there are two big backgrounds when broadcasting. Above all, this is the teleplay of the first heavyweight after Xiao Zhan reappears. Make bedding to give this department theatrical work, last year the end of the year, the platform that make took out a snow to hide old old drama even ” fight Luo Daliu ” as mat field. The main actor’s Wang Daliu, became waiter clerk directly, after success trying water this drama the line on ability. The 2nd, ” wolf highness ” the influence of origianl work is ignored hard. To the reader of net article, having two monument cannot be ignored. One is ” fight Luo Daliu ” , it held the summit summit that representing net language a list of names posted up of network search a list of names posted up head full a year, this is unprecedented. Another is the Tang Dynasty familial ” fight broken canopy ” , it is a lot of people the article that read a net and enter pit, everybody has first love complex to it. The Tang Dynasty familial, 3 little, by right of will be updated assiduously for years, became the writer with net article top income, also be the existence with the average spirit in a lot of popular feeling. Accordingly, when ” fight Luo Daliu ” will be patted when net drama, xiao Zhan’s vermicelli made from bean starch people very excited, the readers of net article are very excited also. To write this play, production just searched ” fight Luo Daliu ” gold playwrite king, he is having the experience that adapts net article play of movie and TV. Anyhow, ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” was 2021 what production just hits is the biggest a piece of ace. But after the program broadcasts actually, resonant flatly. From the point of transmission effect, ” fight Luo Daliu ” heat really very tall, successive 53 days rank a person to enrage a list of names posted up the first, but still be little scope after all is orgiastic, and do not depend on public praise, very rare passerby discusses this theatrical work. From the point of public praise, the fabaceous valve grading of this drama is 6.4, look be like general, but with everybody expect to be compared or have very big difference high. The reason is leather elder brother thinks pink of drama of the pink that resemble battle, net, origianl work pink is 3 giant network groups, but their be mixed is very few however. The youth that estimation likes to resemble battle more very much had not looked ” fight Luo Daliu ” novel, and the old reader that likes a novel is right Xiao Zhan, without feeling net drama confuses pair of this neither to be interested, value the quality of drama only. This was caused such ” confused ” situation. 3354 look appear an amount giant, let a hundred flowers blossom, but 3 kinds of force are absent same a dimension degree, without resonance. The little elder sister that the friend that believes very hard to read in net article is met and likes Xiao Zhan stands together shout so king, this gold playwrite, tired also won’t displease any one party, the result of each respect becomes commonplace namely. 6.4 minutes the likelihood is its appropriate level. 9, ” big Luo Daliu ” Lockquote>Fabaceous valve 6.2 minutes of Piao act the leading role: Pan Yueming, Zhang Yuqi, Jiang Chao in those days the world bully is sung ” ghost blows the lamp ” this IP after the price sacrifice with 100 thousand yuan, caused adapt random elephant. Some more advanced year ” drama of rob a tomb ” the most popular when, all sorts of version appeared on screen ” ghost blows the lamp ” , these drama the good and bad are intermingled, cent is not clear who is Li Kui who is plum ghost, this IP also within an inch of by finish. Till 2019, director Fei Zhenxiang and Pan Yueming cooperated ” angry fine West Hunan ” , fabaceous valve gives a mark 7.1 minutes, opened a good head. Two people cooperated again last year rolled out ” Long Ling confuses hole ” , fabaceous valve gives a mark 8.1 minutes, the success of this drama also lets them become ” ghost blows the lamp ” series most suffer an audience to approbate ” successor ” . This year ” Yunnan bug cereal ” before broadcasting, the expectation of the audience is worth pull full, want to know an IP wants to succeed, the 3rd is a bank. Of Xu Zheng ” series ” break down be in the 3rd, of Chen Saicheng ” Tang Tan series ” also break down be in the 3rd, this ” does ghost blow the lamp ” series whether flounce off this demon cuss? ” Yunnan bug cereal ” countless attention were drawn after broadcasting, open before sowing a few market it also won countless recognition by right of solid text version and flowery picture. However subsequently and those who come is the sound that spit groove. It is OK that someone says Pan Yueming is too fat perform king fatso directly, someone says king fat person so hinder sb is to destroy completely classical, someone says Zhang Yuqi voice gives play, return somebody to say demon of whole department theatrical work changes too serious, rhythm is too slow, play of 3 minutes is stupefied is water 30 minutes. Summary rises even if: The camera lens of gaudy, fat actor’s lines, awkward each other hold up, deserve to go up frail gut. ” Yunnan bug cereal ” fabaceous valve grading decided case finally to be in 6.2 minutes, still fail to escape ” the 3rd breaks down surely ” demon cuss, what nevertheless this passing mark proves to do department theatrical work is basic dish still be in, did not have tall expect, below one can swing wing to leave instead worked. Just, pan Yueming should be decreased really reduced weight. 8, ” long song goes “

Fabaceous valve 5.8 minutes of Piao act the leading role: Yu Ning of Dilireba, Wu Lei, Liu, Zhao Lou is thought of

In March end, dilireba and the ancient costume drama that Wu Lei acts the leading role ” travel length a song ” broadcasted, this drama adapts the homonymic masterpiece that from the belle caricaturist summer amounts to, she herself also shared playwrite work, everybody also is to be full of to this expect. But National People’s Congress should let however after drama broadcasts,break place to look. Simple for, ” long song goes ” it is play of idol of a history. ” Kang Xi dynasty ” also be historical idol play, exaggerate Kang Xi’s figure artificially, but that drama creative work undertakes below real event of the history measurable art is machined. And ” travel length a song ” the problem depended on distorting directly the history, li Shimin became enemy of usurp state power, fang Xuanling does the business that had act with utter disregard for human life, and Li Shimin’s very much gallant achievement is covered directly was in female advocate on the body. The word that uses 6 teachers says, adapting is not to be made up in disorder, play says is not bullshit. ” travel length a song ” made this kind of principle mistake, very deep to the historical view torment of young audience, fabaceous valve is empty 5.8 minutes tall. 7, ” go up Yang Fu “

Fabaceous valve 5.7 minutes of Piao act the leading role: Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Yi is surrounded, Yu Hewei

20 years ago, zhang Yi is sought to seeking young woman Zhang Ziyi says, do not pat teleplay. There is natural chasm between that moment film and teleplay, film actor is mixed bad to just can pat teleplay. After 20 years, zhang Yi is sought say to seeking grand of young woman Liu to put, can pat teleplay. These year, the chasm of the film and teleplay is broken, teleplay actor and film actor realized in pairs ” string together the door ” . Nevertheless summary looks, teleplay actor can perform good movie all the same, conversely film actor can not perform good teleplay certainly however. Zhang Ziyi is best example. Of course, original Zhang Ziyi is decided truly act ” on Yang Fu ” when, everybody very value, use in succession ” fall dimension is hit ” will describe. Zhang Ziyi is 3 Jin Ying hind, have ” lie Hu Canglong ” ” generation masters of great learning and integrity ” ” hero ” wait for classic work, it is one of actress with Chinese moviedom top achievement, will she perform teleplay to not be equivalent to Jordan hit CBA? But ” on Yang Fu ” broadcast let a person be surprised however. Whole department theatrical work photographs really outstanding, the picture is qualitative admirable, to the person a kind of film feels character. But the plot of a play is real also too set, it is female advocate not was together with first love, for company male advocate make the world, the drama of 68 collect performed the foot-binding cloth of the old lady. The key is the face that Zhang Ziyi makes him a bit. She is in the put together next door art ” I am an actor ” in the appeal should give young actor more chances, it is in an instant in this drama give the girl that acts 16 years old with advanced age of 40 years old. She appeals in the program the actor wants to have belief feeling, want to respect a performance, begin a show in sneaker of the dress in this drama in an instant. Leather elder brother likes Zhang Ziyi very much, she is growing the film face that we say, also taking a stubborn temperament, giving the film role that perform is having female power. But ” go up Yang Fu ” in she is block does not live really old mannish, come on the stage the sense that gives a person a kind of queen mother. Look for a young actor to perform girl period actually, the impressions that she performs middleaged period is whole theatrical work again will be better, but be opposite,the girl feels hold read aloud finish performance. ” on Yang Fu ” fabaceous valve gives a mark 5.7 minutes, after folding halberd this, zhang Ziyi is this summary lesson, but the teleplay that still hopes to be able to see her main actor again. 6, ” mist of anise booth mystery “

Fabaceous valve 5.7 minutes of Piao act the leading role: Paragraph Yi Hong, Hao Lei, Zu Feng

” anise booth dense fog ” it is to love to surprise art ” dense fog theater ” advocate theatrical work of hit the first suspense, guide by king small Shuai Zhi, paragraph the bone of one numerous play such as Yi Hong, Hao Lei, Zu Feng goes out act. See this drama name full force case, anise booth dense fog, instantaneous picture feeling came out. Look again ” dense fog theater ” , eye of a lot of people puts light, this series tribute was given last year ” secret corner ” and ” silent truth ” two gods drama, the audience that dapper drama anthology invites to suffer affusion drama to torment breathes out greatly satisfy a craving. See director Wang Xiaoshuai again, the 6th acting director that can be a Zheng Miaogong represents a person, he hold those who guide ” the person that enter ” play suspense gave new pattern, hold a knife again is drama of net of this kind of suspense still have words? Still have paragraph of Yi Hong, commit a crime a specialist, the face of that piece of summary funeral was full of suspense feeling, have a painful topic forever it seems that. Hao Lei, literary a goddess, although the photograph is a lot of fatter than summit summit, but adding self-confidently hold below more show temperament. Zu Feng need not say, ” conceal ” the nightmare that the Li Ya in is how many person. So formidable battle array, even if take a play house,meet very good-looking. Can expect to jump over big, disappointment is bigger. ” anise booth dense fog ” before a few collect be deliberately mystifying, give a person a kind not the feeling of apperception severe, can see face of interrogation of black of final audience have one’s mind stuffed with: With respect to this? Everybody’s expectation is ” secret corner 2 ” , but this drama is one is wrapping around the domestic ethics drama of suspense appearance, rhythm delay, gut is laggard, wasted so formidable battle array. ” anise booth dense fog ” the failure that unsuccessful in the final analysis is a play, the suspense theatrical work with a few good last year public praise, be like ” secret corner ” ” skyscraper ” adapt the novel that matures oneself, and ” anise booth dense fog ” it is the play that achieves formerly. “Dense fog theater ” the most precious is a play, violet Jin Chen leaves this year actor cruel, little support of high grade play, feeding capable person like what make food is inferior, you look for again good cook also no use. Hope love strange skill uses more resource search, develop good write a play, this ability makes ” dense fog theater ” make real a vainglorious title. 5, ” break out of an encirclement “

Fabaceous valve 5.3 minutes of Piao act the leading role: Jin Dong, Yan Ni, Huang Zhizhong

In September 2018, ” people’s belongings ” pat, adapt 1000 times in experience, after 2 retake, killed blueness in January 2019. Await more through 2 years, ” people’s belongings ” incognito ” break out of an encirclement ” this year will meet with the audience in October, playwrite week Mei Sen plaints, this drama can broadcast even if one kind succeeds. The audience was taking tremendous expectation to see this play, the result is given to persuade to retreat by laggard gut, confused editing and rearrangement and actor’s weird expression, final the fabaceous valve grading of this drama has 5.3 minutes only, let National People’s Congress break place to look. ” break out of an encirclement ” the reason that failure has many sided. The first, ” people’s belongings ” of the painstaking effort that is week of Mei Sen make, but he realizes in the beginning of create this drama does not suit to adapt teleplay, it involved many financial knowledge, have very big distance feeling with the audience, pat teleplay to resemble very hard ” people’s name ” hot in that way, what the fact also proved him is anxious. The 2nd, ” people’s name ” medium a lot of classical characters appear in ” break out of an encirclement ” in, for instance Lidakang, Sun Liancheng mixes easy study, play staff Ceng Li invites Wu Gang to go out again perform Lidakang, as a result Wu Gang states he is in ” people’s name ” in had explained Lidakang very adequately, have breakthrough show very hard again, because of this excuse oneself from invite. Be less than a the old cast please, advocate achieved the part that is forced to be familiar with these everybody to change a name, and hapless is, because opinion on public affairs is undeserved,give the actor that performs a secretary later be banned, the play staff is forced AI changes a face, the clerical countenance after changing a face is very weird, let an audience be accepted hard, original dominant position became inferior position. The 3rd, ” break out of an encirclement ” cutout reduced 17 volume, very much crucial clue was deleted, for instance the first collect one begin secretary jumps building, this is card of blast of a piece of king, can is compared ” people’s name ” the Hou Yong in takes a side. Can be before broadcasting, was deleted, the largest driving force that promotes gut development was done not have, the actor’s lines of a lot of actors also was changed, the sense that gives a person is actors acted a long time not to know to want what to do, a lot of people had not maintained 3 collect to abandon theatrical work. And because delete too serious, to maintain continuity, a lot of gut use parallel editing and rearrangement, the sense that gives a person is Dong Yilang head on the west one wooden club, look at dizziness. A lot of clues can be explained only with aside, became broadcast play directly. ” break out of an encirclement ” after broadcasting, shen Yan is very malcontent to broadcasting a version, enrage so that did not send a friend to encircle conduct propaganda even, this drama pulls hip finally to also be in expect. It is this drama only perhaps originally character is very good, because of a series of misfortunes it did not reach due height, honest regrettablly. 4, ” the thill austral boreal rhyme “

Fabaceous valve 5 minutes of Piao act the leading role: Red of Luo of Ni of La Yingying, Jin Chen, sip, Sui Yuan, king

Of Feng Xiaogang ” the thill austral boreal rhyme ” before broadcasting but stunt is dye-in-the-wood, this is after 24 years are being lain between when him, film afresh teleplay, this drama has 5 feminine lead, those who tell is the female topic with the most popular nowadays, how to see it should be become explode paragraph. But ” the thill austral boreal rhyme ” after broadcasting gloomy however wind up, fabaceous valve gives a mark 4.8 minutes (went up 5 minutes now) , heat is far also not as good as of the beginning of the year ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” . What issue did this drama give? Above all its motivation is not quite simple. Actually Feng Xiaogang is a director that has feelings, as comedic specialist, also patted ” shake of Tang Shan earth ” ” 1942 ” ” build up date ” ” fragrant China ” wait for the motion picture that has feelings, he also wants very much of course time to buy sheet for his feelings. A few this years Feng Xiaogang failed to betting, he pats this drama to be mixed pat in those days ” private order make ” same, cannot say to do not have artistic pursuit, but mainer reason is to make money, the purpose is impure the work that has given very hard. The content outdated that is it next. Complete theatrical work returns plentiful to wear thick ” Beijing flavour culture ” , leading role person is set also is the sort of common big Sa honey in old Beijing alley, can be in this times, these culture already desolate, in Beijing you want to search culture of alley culture courtyard to become difficult now, more what is more,the rather that that is taking gruff interest Beijing film. In those days Wang Shuo, Ma Wei this group of people take Feng Xiaogang to play these, be like,he still is inspected now jewellery, but present audience cannot have accepted this kind of antediluvian. Finally is Feng Xiaogang breaks away from masses too long. The 20 many New Year film that he shoots year ago very ground connection is angry, because await him to still do not have a name to do not have money in those days, creation comes from the experience of the life. But 20 this years he had become big director, break away from masses too long, he is patted ” 1942 ” ” fragrant China ” this kind of art piece do not break level as before, but special holiday is looked at when writing play of this kind of city. One is done not have for years by subway, the ground floor that the person that had not hired a rented house takes is very coxcombical, the dress from inside drama dresses up and bearing of the way one speaks or what he says looks, it is city white-collar also does not move round, these person back and belly do not have care, hurt Chun Beiqiu all the day, score a success hard a little, let person be convinced very hard. And to please a female, advocate achieve be stupefied is drag somebody along kicking and screaming the city girl with a gang disparate disposition, let their make a fuss about an imaginary illness, be in next of noble give aid to next instants solve difficult problem, look be like was being told is attempt an ineffective solution more very, let the insipidity that the person feeds. 3, ” not the brigade of be puzzled “

Fabaceous valve 5 minutes of Piao act the leading role: Chen Jianbin, Mei Ting, Tu Songyan

Not long ago, the city drama that acts the leading role by the actor such as Chen Jianbin, Mei Ting, Tu Songyan ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” on line. This battle array is accepted acting clique, this drama also told about boss of a bookshop and a love between tutor, although gut compares a tradition, but these actors press a character is to have assure. Absolutely cannot think of, this drama is sowed, let National People’s Congress break place to look. This drama is defended in Zhejiang inspect broadcast, viewing rate is good still, can keep basically advanced 5, but fabaceous valve gives a mark,have 5 minutes only. Objective of course for, of this drama suffer numerous it is medium old people, they won’t make component in fabaceous valve commonly, this makes the grading of this drama is affected, but this still does not affect its inferior quality. One is told about not the drama of year of love of be puzzled, be stupefied is the plot that imposed blood of a lot of dogs, it is to be troubled by part company, it is big to draw near, it is to play complex, can calls the Malisu of middleaged edition drama. See the director Han Jie of this drama, the reason came out immediately. Han Jie last year hold had guided ” love me not to think too much ” , those who let Chen Jianbin play Ga to give horizon is old match less, this drama name listens to be gotten with respect to be bored with confused. Now year this ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” also be familiar recipe, it still has reserve be called ” if I love you ” , you read the taste that is familiar with. See this play, what a lot of people care most is not teleplay itself, however Chen Jianbin owed a director after all how many money, want to follow him to take this kind of sodden theatrical work. 2, ” skirt of the Neon since wind “

Fabaceous valve 4.1 minutes of Piao act the leading role: Gu Lina is plunged into, Xu Weizhou, Shi Shi

The beginning of the year, gu Lina is plunged into and make continent of the Kingdom of Wei act the leading role ” skirt of the Neon since wind ” broadcast. Two main actors are when Gong Mingxing, this drama also is to suffer fully expect, after broadcasting really fire gave a group, but hot reason is the camera lens because of an awkwardness however. In drama graceful the coloured glaze that plunges into personate disguises as a man, the Pei Hangjian of Xuwei continent personate does not know she is daughter body, when two people are equestrian, before Pei Hangjian puts the hand in coloured glaze bosom… glare of graceful dazzling eyeball must resemble cupreous bell, made Wei Zhou also make indescribable expression. Camera lens of this kind of evil gout gave this leap to add many fever really, drama petty gain returns show off cleverness, come out technically to send statement to refute a rumor. But a series of operations still cannot save drama anthology itself, villain in drama of whole department theatrical work is weak – wisdom to the utmost, the clue also is low young to the utmost, flaw must resemble bolt more same. ” skirt of the Neon since wind ” fabaceous valve grading has 4.1 minutes only, the heat when broadcasting also by ” fight Luo Daliu ” and ” the land of country makes ” press so that die to death, can let what the person remembers exclusively have awkward event then namely. 1, ” word of big Song Gong “

Fabaceous valve 3.8 minutes of Piao act the leading role: Liu Tao, Zhou Yu civilian, Liang Guanhua

2000, li Shaogong hold guide, of Chen Gong, Zhou Xun, Gui Yalei and main actor of Zhao article ” big bright Gong Ci ” make generation classical, fabaceous valve grading is as high as 9.1 minutes. 21 years are lain between when, li Shaogong is being taken again make newly ” word of big Song Gong ” met with the audience, for not the expectation of disappoint audience, li Shaogong and ” capital smoke cloud ” playwrite a burnish play of a few years, this drama also assemble Liu Tao and Zhou Yu civilian two big well-known actresses, the expectation of the audience is worth pull full. But this drama broadcasts the collapse that what explained to call bluff type. Its fabaceous valve opens a picture to have 6.1 minutes, steeped fall subsequently 4.4 minutes, and large half an year went, the mark had come 3.8 minutes, and nobody dare respecting bottom. The reason that this drama fails has a lot of. One of, drama name is very strange flower. In those days ” big bright Gong Ci ” those who point to is Tang Chao is big bright palace, in drama name ” big bright palace ” it is a whole. According to thinking inertial, this ” word of palace of big the Song Dynasty ” what should point to is big Song Gong, there can be palace of what big the Song Dynasty at all on the history, say Song Chao’s thing because of this drama, playwrite rose forcibly ” word of big Song Gong ” name, the intention is apparent also, it is for loiter previously ” big bright Gong Ci ” feelings. Secondly, choose a fault actor. Zhou Yu civilian performs idol play one’s previous experience, go up in the career than Yan Chengxu ” do not consider be eager to make progress ” , he is a lot of more active, be in hard all the time transition sends an actor into actual strength. But direct ginseng performs drama of this kind of ancient costume to take pain to a bit, his appearance still is keeping God theatrical work male advocate face, he Liutao is without CP to feel, and his local antrum comes out, instant letting a person thinks Hua Ze kind entered in disorder. And Liu Tao, age of 42 years old gives the girl that acts 15 years old, with Zhang Ziyi, be violated completely and feel. Two people are having pretty good acting originally, must install however tender join ” girl teachs ” , not only finish a drama, oneself act in a play seriously for years accumulated good public praise also is built went up. ” word of palace of big the Song Dynasty ” arrive from drama name performance, was full of to gut again affected, the impressions that gives a person is carline put on bikini to skip in dance pool enlighten, had not drawn everybody’s look, oneself fell to smash first sexual fracture. good above was 2021 10 millions of people expect, the homebred drama with the most disappointing however public praise after broadcasting, in a the hope is new year, homebred teleplay can take higher level, let all expectation that get good response. Civil / editorial office of leather skin film: A chicken? Achieve Piao article copyright formerly: Leather skin film (Ppdianying) reprint without what accredit does not have any forms please

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