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Original title: ” mother-in-law and mom ” the god inverts, chen Reyi is cried by gas, does Lin Zhiying bestow favor on wife person to set collapse? ? Mango stage did dot thing again, ” mother-in-law and mom ” asked quadruplet family. Among them, wife Chen Reyi of Lin Zhiying and mother-in-law get along very hardly. Editing and rearrangement of ill will of stage of mango of first phase is exaggerated forest with Chen Reyi, contradictory Lin Zhiying enrages wife and mother so that send small gain to respond to. But, had turned round to come, I more and more the poorest daughter-in-law in feeling Chen Reyi is quadruplet family. Had charming river bestow favor on, close with the mother-in-law 2 for one, and mom also regarded as oneself son. Have Chen Reyi only, resemble a dye-in-the-wood outsider, have no alternative. When we meet for the first time, my mother-in-law first time notices Chen Reyi knickers, ask why she doesn’t pull slide fastener. Chen Reyi on the spot confused. After dinner, chen Reyi takes out the clothes that get ready instantly, try on to the mother-in-law. The mother-in-law refused apparently, say skirt is too hot a little while, say skirt looks too fat again a little while. Chen Reyi is at a loss, do not know how to should do. At that time the son Lin Zhiying of myself, appeared, say the dress can use collocation, urging my Mom to try on, such one pace after we had what change clothes into house. Otherwise, although Chen Reyi broke her lip, her mother-in-law rise superior to. Chen Reyi is allocated to do chore by the mother-in-law later, pull the ground to be criticised the pose is incorrect, the pineapple that visits Uncle Yang area can take a rest when brushing a window finally her behavior is explained to be by the mother-in-law lazy, so she asks Chen Reyi is to brush glass to still eat pineapple angrily. This, where is Chen Reyi returned dare at a loose end? I go back rapidly brush glass. At this moment, lin Zhiying said a word, want to help a wife, was rejected by the mother immediately: “It is good to take a rest. ” so, in camera lens, 3 people are resting, only a person is taking Chen Reyi dishcloth is brushing glass. In the 2nd period, chen Reyi even more flooey. Mother’s day that day, the sororal group of my mother-in-law comes her home meet. Before today, chen Reyi plans to buy food with the mother-in-law together, but the mother-in-law prohibits she stays take care of a guest. Then, lin Zhiying shops cheerfully with mom together, and Chen Reyi is stayed to take care of 89 new aunts. Ask an aunt people want what to eat, some want to drink coffee, some want to drink scented tea, some want to drink red wine, chen Reyi is very anxious, must prepare beverage for them according to their different taste. The fruit that an aunt says to Chen Reyi is cut is too big. She says her mouth is very small, so she lets Chen Reyi cut it small. This group of sisters not only Chen Reyi of create difficulties for sb, still secretly stamp her daughter-in-law, telling her daughter-in-law is how clever and sensible, suggest Chen Reyi should be more obedient. Among them an aunt is shown off say, she has eaten a Durian, all the time bear in mind constantly. Did not pass how long, daughter-in-law bought to oneself again. This is the ascarid in her abdomen simply, everything what she knows she wants. Another aunt boast her daughter-in-law cooks do chore so skilled, need not she worries about. Another aunt says she won’t pare orange, but her daughter-in-law pares in the home, she eats. Chen Reyi blinks eyeball, say he wants to pare to his aunt immediately orange. Apparently the Chen Reyi that beam with smiles, the heart is broken almost. At this moment, the telephone call that mom makes became the export of her mood. Ask Chen Reyi’s mother, whether is she done well like her daughter. Enthusiastic response says my mother, if appearance is an angel, it is the gift that comes from heaven. Because of her, my Mom all the time the heart is put appreciate. She still praises Chen Reyi is a good wife, encourage her to believe her. Hear mom’s word, if appearance cannot help,cried. Be in mother-in-law home, chen Reyi is the daughter-in-law of a full-scale development certainly, clever and sensible, still must compare with others. She carelessly, won’t be swung. In the eye of my father and mother, chen Reyi is a distinctive baby. They can fear the daughter has taken to had slept, be upset by unkindness. On the other hand, lin Zhiying, although can replace wife conversation, but also be confined to say two a good word. His Mom calls him to rest at that time, he not so sit in oneself to not throw the troops into battle locally? When having breakfast, lin Zhiying insists to want Chen Reyi to sit by him. Chen Reyi asks jokingly, “Why must sit on the side of you? Do you want me to stand by you? ” callous Lin Zhiying puts ice on the ice to reply, because camera is in that one, you can resemble holding off camera so, so I must so say. Compared with the wife, he is likely more cared about oneself to whether withhold perfect one side before camera lens, shaped the image of good man of a good son.

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