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Original title: ” is there Fei ” why be all corners of the country? Zhou Fei uses real operation to prove, there is too much advantage on her body Civil / the acting that Zhao Liying remembers at the beginning of Qing Dynasty after all how? Had looked ” have Fei ” hind, again refresh the acknowledge of the audience. Think originally ” Chu Qiao is passed ” in Zhao Liying had developed acme, did not think of to be in ” have Fei ” the partner that counteracts Wang Yibo, appear more give prize. Zhou Fei uses actual strength to prove, why be all corners of the country? Edit all ray on her body, because,not be mere author of 48 stockaded village plum the prestige of , pass the effort of herself however, win step by step. In ” have Fei ” in, before 30 collect are Zhou Fei all the time grow history, come out from 48 stockaded village, zhou Fei is Xiaobai of an all corners of the country. If do not have Xie Yun to be accompanied all the time,be beside her, depend on her disposition, what be afraid and do not have Li Yan is lucky. Zhou Fei’s lifetime, she is agonistic what as 48 stockaded village big n/COL the head of a family Li Jin allows is female, those who install a fair Zhou Yitang is female, also be at the same time south the granddaughter of knife plum , can say to there is the ticket of too much brightness on her body. But, stubborn disposition of Zhou Fei, do not have because of these pride. Contrary, she still is bullied by cousin plum Cheng everywhere, be used a of whippy lash by old Mom ” not obedient ” the child. However, the perspective that stands in the audience will see a problem, feel Zhou Fei is however special the child that knows a thing, be bullied by the cousin she not strike back, by maternal punish she not answer back, it is the child of 48 stockaded village likewise, having different salary however. At that time, because thank a of allow ” how to make the same score music ” when giving Zhou Yitang 48 camp please, as father, he was not taking Zhou Fei to give mountain fastness together, the Zhou Fei at that time also is to hate passes, had hated father to cannot make allowances for her, because the mother is early,already thought via cannot understanding the place in her heart. Because, she does not want to stay in mountain fastness, suffer ” everybody ” bully. She thinks, walk out of mountain fastness, there can be oneself scope of operation on all corners of the country. Of course, go up to also have same think of a way personally in Li Cheng. So, the river that wash Chinese ink that time, if do not have Xie Yun’s existence, be afraid Li Cheng and Zhou Fei already in the Jiangshui that put an end to looks at not to see limit to that. Have feeling intended, face difficulty she is precipitant actually, from at the beginning Li Cheng bullies Zhou Fei that, can see or experiencing Zhou Fei is a very ambitious girl. Sufferred bully, she does not revolt, even if be to have,get maternal punish, she is not to revolt likewise. Because be in her heart, she knows to be her to revolt again, also be useless. She is a girl only, should comply with only parental arrangement is good. Of Xie Yun appear, to Zhou Fei, be like same way light, that can enlighten the light of her life is general. Accordingly, should be in black prison, when Zhou Fei and Xie Yun encounter again, she is right even if this man has trifling beware of, but in getting along overally, she still complies with working arrangement of Xie Yun. Later in later, used twice because of strong exercise when Xie Yun ” the palm that push the cloud ” hind, life is faced with menace. Nevertheless, it is OK to know when Zhou Fei igneous lotus and Zhu Ming are careless your Xieyun come to, she however ground of honor permits no turning back goes the land with extremely cold snow mountain alone. Even if be the rosefinch that encountered ground evil spirit advocate Mu Xiaoqiao, fortunately, zhou Fei still is a clever child, she and Mu Xiaoqiao reach unanimous opinion, zhou Fei took igneous lotus smoothly. Of Zhou Fei grow, it is that agonistic interest on body of Fei of week of theatrical work of an encourage sign simply, make a person admire really. Fall in what circumstance no matter, she can ablaze one’s previous experience, there is a ring of light of leading role on the body because of her probably. The article by interesting head the memory at the beginning of Qing Dynasty achieves a hair formerly in this platform. Of course, this, it is the expression on Li Yan body is gotten endless however and identical. To prove sea day monochromatic and specific it is a what thing, open ” sea nature is uniform ” the important task of important secret gave Li Yan. Probably, from this, changed Zhou Fei infirmly. But, from this, do not have to Zhou Fei any influence, because of the doing before her, already classics by everybody accepted. Look at Zhou Fei grow, seeing play of an encourage annals namely actually. On her body, be sent out the ray that come out, whose person can be not compared.

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