Fri. May 27th, 2022

Original title: ” the most beautiful performance ” actor placard: Battle array of kylin of Guo of Chen Li farming is novel, she is over by tearful eyes get the better of heat cling to April 16, so-called the program that to all trades and professions brave personage greets ” the most beautiful performance ” Guan Xuan cast, gave off the elegant placard of actors. ” the most beautiful performance ” the cast that this file program uses is very novel, already Neozoic actor also is having old brand artist. Resembling is little fresh pork Chen Li farming, he goes up in the program appear allow authority times feeling expects. Chen Li farming loves fabaceous one’s previous experience, appearance is pure and fresh, disposition is very lively also optimistic. After the demarcate that ever belonged to in its combines NINE PERCENT to disband, the enterprise of Chen Li farming develops way no longer bound of God of bureau be confined to, he begins to actor cavalcade set out. Love beans turns travel actor is to should suffer numerous censure necessarily, but Chen Li is agricultural acting sought authority. ” the most beautiful actor ” in placard, chen Li farming a golden hair, puerile face is full of narrative sense however, let a person can’t help expecting his wonderful performance in positive. Although Guo Qilin is one’s previous experience of comic dialogue actor, but dozen small he very argute is in act in a play the respect also has talent quite. Last year, guo Qilin is in ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in expression not common, got the accord of the audience is approbated. Enrage by right of a suit spirit, guo Qilin also was ascended ” the most beautiful performance ” column. In the placard that program series releases, black hair of Guo kylin black clothes, in white setting foil next appearing send more pure and fresh and clean. And his clear eyes and corners of the mouth a light smile, more allow authority the heart gives birth to good impression. She Shiman is in those days the n/COL the head of a family female role of TVB, beautiful face says to go up is the edge tool that she encircles pink, but the acting that makes moving heart just is the part that She Shiman makes a person admire truly. Go out more than 20 years, she Shiman modelled another screen is classical part. Have She Shiman’s place, having the story of thorough popular feeling. ” the most beautiful performance ” in placard, she Shiman a suit is simple dress up, show messy hairstyle and approach to provide atmosphere to feel extremely in the Gong Sijin on the neck a bit. She Shiman the photograph deciding case of this full-blown and tearful water, mind of the person that let look emerges infinite feeling, righter She Shiman gave the character that perform to produce strong curiosity in the program. Dilireba regards discharge as floret, all the time since it is to receive the person that inspect safeguard. Be full of the facial features of different region amorous feelings, the performance that is her added a lot of color. Be in ” the most beautiful performance ” in placard, discharge goes to Dilireba be being decorated luxuriantly, the picture is worn weak makeup reductive the purest one side. All over the face bright smile is orthoptic she of camera lens, instead more show pure and fresh and free from vulgarity. Hui Yinggong says to go up is to join act ” the most beautiful performance ” the heavyweight character in the actor. As old artist, her acting everybody be obvious to all, public praise is admirable. In placard, hui Yinggong hairstyle is messy, blush completely trace, a pair of tearful eyes appear extremely tired out but full of and sturdy. Compare with young actor photograph, hui Yinggong is over get the better of, because she stands over,be play all over. The performance of which actor does everybody expect?

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