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Original title: Flow times wind up? Middleaged actor ” leading role costar can give off light “ 2022 much first quarter ministry explodes money work carries a wind up of times of flow of mainstream platform schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater middleaged actor ” leading role costar can give off light ” 2022 already passed first quarter, ” between the world ” ” small quick home ” ” the heart is resided ” ” germinant ” ” adversary ” wait for realistic theme to explode the paragraph is ceaseless, ” month of the land of country bright ” ” our marriage ” ” meet season ” ” chase after love familial ” ” outside drum-tower ” carry a mainstream platform schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater. These work bring an audience one is highlighted experience even if, middleaged actor becomes acting pronoun, the at the part ode that they contributed a mature actor without one exception in drama can value, what join forces made work is tall finish degree. Middleaged actor greets spring to the head paragraph into rank once, enter middleaged actor but deep feeling, “The times needs flow, we roam about ” ; Fall into disuse as the ego of the integrated processing of superintendency branch and market, only discharge is talked in the country drama market got be correctived apparently. On one hand, make just mix buy a platform to stem from broadcast of safety factor think, use to young discharge actor more careful, on the other hand, big female advocate, big male advocate when covering a road to had passed, of character match each other in strength group become new heat like play. The middleaged actor that does not rely on Yan Zhi to rely on actual strength appears on an opportunity to increase greatly. Reflect current trend, if drama instinct continues to compress the bleb of suspension, slam the door is hot search the creation direction of custom-built topic, the life accumulates the middleaged actor with professional ability to be able to more develops a space, an excellent work that is worth to expect in a steady stream ceaseless. Sea Qing Dynasty, Yao Chen, Liang Jing was in 2019 on prize-giving ceremony, “Low-down ” express: “Actress arrived certain age, need young director to give aid to, ask everybody to direct an opportunity. ” when lie between 3 years, hai Qingping borrows her the most comfortable ” nonlocal daughter-in-law ” Feng Xiaoqin mounts hot search for many times, “Give a chance ” is not young director, she gave the Teng Huatao of famous opportunity 15 years ago however. Will look to left 2022 again year since discuss degree of top other actress: ” between the world ” Yan Tao, Song Jia, Song Chunli, Sarina, ” germinant ” ” boiler elder sister ” Liu Dan, ” small quick home ” do laugh take on Qin Hailu, ” adversary ” Tan Zhuo and Yan Bingyan… no matter leading role still is costar, take halo to give a group successfully oneself. The spring of middleaged actor also comes along with all the others. Favorable reply of Wu Gang, thunder, Yu Hewei has completed the head paragraph into rank, hot need not say oneself, the first echelon formation also is talent many, can encircle can nod: Article of Guo Jingfei, Zhang Song, Qin Hao, Nie Yuan, piece Lu Yi, Wang Xiao can take charge of a department alone, the Sha Yi with the dye-in-the-wood flavour that join dad also is drama anthology and put together art feel just like a fish in water, be called by play ” 10 years nobody ask play, the world of sanded dad of in one day knows ” . Not only contemporary theatrical work ” change of weather ” , already the ancient costume drama of be in power of face of youth of very long period of time also is such. Broadcasting ” month of the land of country bright ” bone of old show of all of one suit, chen Baoguo of national level actor is in drama Zhu Yuanzhang of Ming Taizu of emperor of found a state of personate Ming Dynasty. It is this 6 years are lain between to deduce Zhu Yuanzhang again when Chen Baoguo, what he himself says no less than ” I perform an emperor not be angry and fierce, not shout ” . This, the majesty that he regards a monarch as Zhu Yuanzhang and those who serve as father ” ground connection is angry ” undertook clever confluence, also gifted the spirit that its have smoke internal heat extremely. Xu of commander of war of Ming Dynasty found a state is amounted to, by personate of the Zhang Fengyi that inspect the Supreme Being. A tough guy of Zhang Fengyi itself the imperatorial temperament of temperament and north of desert of go on an expedition very joint, and he is amounted to to Xu ” outer and martial imperatorial ” and ” in the home amiable old father ” part contrast feels deduce, found an ingenious balance to nod, broke the masses to feel to the distance of historical character. Besides ” double inspect the Supreme Being ” outside configuration, the Wang Jinsong that still has personate Liu Baiwen, give the Wang Qingxiang that performs Korea fair Li Shan to grow and north of Yao Lu, Du Yuan, Zhang Guang. Boiling discharge wind up is deep ploughing all one’s life determination is in flow times, even if is without little fresh pork, minor female roles acting, plan relying on dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed works, but only should Yan Zhi has vermicelli made from bean starch, have big opportunity. Flow times wind up, middleaged actor can blossom of glorious also not be to arrange its nature actually, resist loneliness, defend so that live first heart, have the resolution that breaks through oneself ceaselessly, when must be this accomplished. Yuan Quan says, oneself do not have middleaged crisis, “Act in a play anyway this thing, should do all one’s life, different level performs different role ” ; Zhang Song article is planning all the day, the distance still can perform the character of how many different type 70 years old again; Liu Mintao was experienced exit and reappear, liu Lin, Liu Dan is young when unknown to public, the person arrives middleaged rely on opportunity of many a costar to be remembered by the audience eventually, become the acting that is worth reliance to take on. It is to cherish the opportunity that shapes a part all the more probably, after middleaged actor appears on an opportunity to become much, what can feel they prevent a role in effort apparently is duplicate, not ready does an acting pass a test only ” tool person ” . Guo Jingfei was contributed since this year from ” adversary ” the poorest spy arrives ” chase after love familial ” inflexible university teachs two disparate people; Thunder favorable reply is in ” between the world ” in it is to earn sufficient the Everyman Zhou Bingkun of groan, ” meet season ” suddenly change one’s identity passes into social status of 100 million appear on the market company president; Song Jia also spans from the intellectual week Chengdu that has time feeling ” full-dress ” in the vogue big Ga that has professional feelings. These actors ever had expressed more or less, acting in a play is all one’s life thing, not urgent, not angst. Probably one the individual’s word can deceive people, but their condition cannot fool a person. If a person is not a plan,be in deep ploughing of a domain all one’s life, how likely get over these year of discharge be in power, how does ready loneliness repair the likelihood refine acting, goods of belt of or direct seeding is flat perhaps turn to make money all right, early exited perform art circle. Break up red rely on work conversation to be sure to keep in mind to carry theatrical work carefully reasonable avoid middleaged actor turns over hole red backside, it is the awkwardness of discharge actor: Empty somebody is angry, without work. But, the crisis feeling of middleaged actor depends on, since every time gives a circle to want to rely on work conversation, so good play, good group, sober creation thinking, serve each part hammer and tongs, each link cannot drop chain, be hit immediately otherwise an original shape. Liu Tao is in ” germinant ” in friendship goes act prevent director, know a feeling she just is in really ” gues-star ” , whole journey frown says actor’s lines, inflexible performance is earnest, acting is aed string of 1 hit all the way by Liu Yijun. Jin Dong is in middleaged actor, no matter work or person are enraged for a time unmanned look forward to and, but he these year set in person of elite of commercial theatrical work all the time in revolve, aesthetic exhaustion is serious, drama ” break out of an encirclement ” act do not get the cadre of center look forward to of annals, the surface is one kind breaks comfortable ring ” break out of an encirclement ” , but what did not walk out of ideal person to set actually is inertial, this drama leaves impressional to the person is the Huang Zhizhong that human deepness and performance have edge more and Yan Ni, the Jin Dong that lacks annulus of male key light does not have an advantage but character. Carry drama discretion, reasonable avoid hole. It is not easy that the great truth that everybody knows should be accomplished, connect thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan for example the actor that this kind of win universal praise cherishs feather cannot escape by sheer luck. Just sow finish ” meet season ” the beauty to thunder favorable reply and Yuan Quan praise degree harm not small. 2 people are in ” my before half a lifetime ” in lean ” former husband elder brother ” open has his moment mode, a female strong person that gives truly advanced sense made appearance. ” meet season ” out noonday sun, render is made before playwrite director has a success, but twist by force ” strong plot ” the story cannot justify oneself however, deduce with respect to favorable reply calculating thunder and Yuan spring in sad earnest alleged ” contemporary Romeo and Juliet ” , the public praise that also cannot redeem this work drops into cereal bottom. 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