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Original title: Sow 12 collect public praise to explode greatly, sweet bestow favor on explode again laugh, goose factory throws a play of bomb of hard nucleus king again! ! The country now drama market, suspense drama and thematic masterpiece are more and more welcome, but archaic puppet show and talk feeling drama have good market all the time. In the drama that should sow 2022, ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents 2 ” it is a when be worth to expect most undoubtedly. Although Guo Qilin and Song Yi are in ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in performed a pair of sibling, but they are in ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” in established Cp move. This also lets ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents 2 ” former class go up again line, your person expects. 103010 it is one contains light comedic colorific sweet bestow favor on drama, set of the part in drama is conspicuous. Be in male honour below the social environment of female low, the position of husband is smaller. But flow backwards as modern thing days, with contemporary thinking, help revive familial while it is difficult to solve, also give revive familial give counsel, the position promotes gradually. Such passing through set gives brought in drama a lot of laugh at a dot. Still have before ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” with subject matter work, exploded, this kind of work is right it is thus clear that the attraction of the audience is very big. And goose factory is cast again gave theatrical work of blast of hard nucleus king ” the Chen Qian Qian in the hearsay ” , also be a sweetness explodes laugh drama. Although be a very short drama volume, but broadcast 12 collect had had very big public praise, a lot of audiences cannot help doing sth. 00-1010 ” the wine that thanks childe ” story set is not complex. When playing a play to kill, heroine was made wish, drank cup wine. As a result she passed through ancient time. The rhythm of the story is very fast. Because this drama is dapper, every collect is less than ten minutes only, it is clear that so story setting can be explained very quickly, not careless. What the first collect tells is the reason that heroine passes through, what the 2nd collect tells is how heroine keeps fine-looking, return the past. Heroine from wearing black casing glasses at the beginning, do not have safe feeling very much it seems that. She makes the wish below in game of this play homicide is to mix before dark love an object to come a sweet love, become beautiful, but she was made after wishing, fainted, awake again, had returned ancient time. The fun set of this drama is very concentrated. For instance heroine tries to seek the truth, see hero just is lying between the door however bathing. However the actor with callous surface is in however brew steps. Although look very fat, but because the action is adequate lovely, made a joke so. Heroine to avoid a cousin, ran into toilet. Playing game however to prove he is not to pass through, she explores with all sorts of popular stalk him. Here has the basiccest English dialogue not only, still have familiar musical air. See female advocate expect to await male advocate carry on is very acid also. Include the actor’s lines set of this drama, also arose to explode laugh effect. For instance heroine is encountered accidentally male advocate, result mouth spoon says he has not been felt at the same time enough, say at the same time male advocate abdominal muscle is good-looking, awkward interesting. In this kind of fast rhythm narrative below, the interactive and same sweetness of two people. Just took two part, had brushed the scintilla that went out to have an affair with, let a person must expect the feeling of two people follow-up makes progress. 00-1010 ” the wine that thanks childe ” the cast audience of this work is not familiar. Hero Fan Zhixin, although prior goes out,had acted ” the wine that thanks childe ” , ” the secret in dark style ” wait for work, but famous degree not tall, acting experience also is not so rich. Nevertheless, sign agreement actor as fine travel medium, sequel will naturally obtain a lot of pretty good resource. / Div>And Wen of heroine tall pacify is opposite to the audience relatively unfamiliar, early before give the theatrical work that perform to make not much, but undeniable, leading role of male and female in drama comfortable deserve to spend can to weigh full marks, use only short the time of a few collect had established Cp move. The assorted itself of tall Yan Zhi more grab an eye, also accord with an audience small to sweet drama men and women advocate expect. Ancient costume modelling of Fan Zhixin and contemporary modelling very Jing is colourful, qiao Jingwen is melting and lovely model appearance, accord with the character set of the part completely. And in light of the acting from two actors, can not let an audience give play, there is sense of humor in Fan Zhixin Gao Leng, and Qiao Jingwen is nifty wise and farsighted again. This drama is made those who tell about is heroine entered wine shop not carefully, became extremely beautiful belle, but she in real life is not self-confident and feel oneself are not quite beautiful all the time ” ugly small duckling ” , after passing through not only Yan Zhi promotes, her self-confident heart also subsequently and come, go after the boss that wine shops actively then. After passing through, she fulfilled the earnest wish that she talks about love already, at the same time true also because of become beautiful and had self-confidence, in follow-up gut, pass through when ancient time of female principal and subordinate time contemporary, also can be experienced because of this paragraph and change her the view to ego. It is thus clear that this drama is made appearing sweet bestow favor on content, also have an eye for in appeal girl oneself beauty. In sweet bestow favor on do laugh while, this drama makes what also do not forget to join solid to showing topic discuss, no less than ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” and ” the Chen Qian Qian in the hearsay ” general, those who deliver is the thought of equality of men and women, such work provides a hotspot more.

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