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Original title: Saw 5 market at a heat ” special Zhan Rongyao ” , have a hotspot already, have beautiful place again, quite good-looking By Li Yitong and Yang Yang, teleplay of army brigade subject matter ” special Zhan Rongyao ” had broadcasted 5 collect, bian Xiao just is chased after today make the same score this drama. From the point of the 5th collect, tremble a bit besides the picture, other side has been held out actually, it is an army group teleplay that can look. Additional, I still discovered ” special Zhan Rongyao ” bleach window, that is not only gut is interesting, and still comparative do laugh. Army brigade teleplay can experience while such audiences are seeing play burn with righteous indignation and brutal, can maintain the state of mind at any time again relaxed so not heavy, it is too good to want scarcely. Anyway ” special Zhan Rongyao ” I should be chased after! But, this can represent the view of myself only. Wanted you to see a play attentively really only, but still cannot like, that did not need ambitious him approach looks. But, if just look roughly, insist stubbornly some drama is no good next, garble a bit, too extreme. Below, I see me ” special Zhan Rongyao ” the idea of 5 collect tells you, I should attend to you. After all it is good that you should decide a teleplay. One, ” special Zhan Rongyao ” hotspot. 1, impressions is very marvellous 103010 in, makeup look of the character is very real. No matter be during the task or training, these person skins are dark, often sweating. At first sight, they should resemble a soldier. It is the picture that fights with the enemy in gut next, delicate light, and ” special Zhan Rongyao ” picture very picture. Especially rescue hostage and the begin cut back that frontier defence guard hits poison to peddle these two setting, how emphasizing him is film simple sense has not been been. Sowed 5 collect only now, ” the Red Sea acts ” gut is far still did not arrive the most wonderful when. Does follow-up meeting have more wonderful battle appearance? I feel to should be worth to expect very much! 2, major is taller 103010 medium gunfight and tussle occasion are stimulated very much and satisfy a craving, deserve to go up absolutely the title of professional personage, especially that one act of monitor model fight the enemy, can let a person look absolutely over and over. Still be group group aggression make a way, no matter be the flashback of begin or the post drive from the back enemy. Cooperate to destroy the enemy each other between team member every time, it is to comparative cultured. Looking to be able to let a person feel is well-trained special type troops. 3, swallow defeats the growing process hero of leading role high mountain, had borne scar in one’s childhood, he is so inherent distrust anybody, always believe oneself ability only. After he joins the army, training is very assiduous, he wants to be allocated only the most powerful army, become the most powerful man, because be become only when he is the most powerful, he just can feel a bit safer. So he is the character with an advantage and apparent weakness. His achievement is true, but the business that he often does a few exceed what is proper. This kind is brave, get the kidney of individual hero creed, how does army grind his air of arrogance gradually, change him to produce the bias of individual hero creed, it is the wonderful drop that this part can bring an audience. / P>4, Ai Qianxue and swallow defeat emotional line Captain high mountain the concern grows, reach her to be defeated to swallow high mountain character is perfected ceaselessly give play those crucial effect. Still be in between them at present just know before long, do not have the phase of what accredit foundation each other, the Ai Qianxue of this period is broken to swallow high mountain what has not change removed to help. Nevertheless as follow-up gut begin, believe the be mixed between them also is met increasing, produce trust till each other, arrive to affect each other slowly again, all success will come when conditions are ripe. This line can expect, but hope playwrite did not make their the plot of a play too amative head. 2, ” special Zhan Rongyao ” beautiful dot ” special Zhan Rongyao ” proper humour was mixed in gut humor content, let a person when seeing play, can loosen from inside the certain and nervous atmosphere before at any time come down, continue to receive follow-up content well. For instance: Swallow defeats Yue He fellow-townsman to be punished to be at the door the dining room ” say a moment ago word to N is alled over aloud ” , swallow is broken high mountain go cooking class class cuts onion, and 3 people are smokeless cook. These gut are defeated to swallow without the influence already high mountain what what regards thorn as the head is idiosyncratic, added not little joke for gut again at the same time, can says to adjust the conditioning agent of audience mood, it is with one action is gotten more really. 3, write at the back a period and a person of period are different, a period has the idea of a period. ” special Zhan Rongyao ” regard army brigade as drama, although cannot be mixed originator of army brigade drama ” soldier assault ” and ” I am special type arms ” quality photograph is compared. But it is opposite in recent years a lot of army brigade drama, quality has calculated excellent. Its character 3 view do not have a problem, it is to beg to character fictile appearance and heart really, and whats do not have macroscopical, the gut of person of dog blood thunder that cannot make a person patient go down. Although be on certain petty details,may exist with actor acting a few small flaws, but what to affect to the expression of integral gut, still be worth to look. Hope only ” special Zhan Rongyao ” it is good that follow-up gut can hold these interests in front, just do not lose the expectation of the audience so. Did you look ” special Zhan Rongyao ” ? To it He Guan is nodded? Expect to leave a message to discuss together with everybody! Honor of # spy battle calls for paper #

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