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Original title: Close inspect the first, blast of Zhang Fengyi acting cracks Chen Baoguo, ” month of the land of country bright ” update 1 collect to look not quite! ! ” big Qin Fu ” later, drama market does not have the country all the time pretty historical drama, ” big Qin Fu ” also became equipment to get the work that fix eyes upon. Fame drops, acting is puerile wait for a problem to also let work make target of public criticism. And another historical drama that relates Ming Dynasty story — ” month of the land of country bright ” , to liking the audience of Ming Dynasty history for, it is a due welfare undoubtedly. Regard Gaoxixi as the director of work, can saying is to all sorts of feelings well up in one’s heart. Go from him after all hold in light of the historical drama that guide, public praise is controlled in 8 minutes mostly. But historical drama often is best classical, the historical drama grading of high quality is in 9 minutes of above, the audience is forecasted very hard by Gao Xixi public praise ” month of the land of country bright ” stand or fall. Saw the first market, OK and affirmative is, ” month of the land of country bright ” picture simple sense, take change means, character to present point of view, let this drama have explosive outward appearance. It is not with the audience obscure cramped language relates historical incident, however the history with Ming Dynasty of more relaxed perspective look upon. At present 103010 replaced one part, look not quite, but took close inspect the first, those who see its tendency is fierce. This ” month of the land of country bright ” be afraid is your work of a bully screen. 00-1010 mentions the celebrity on those histories, you always use a kind of more majestic and solemn and respectful eye not can self-consciously to go look upon them. For example, zhu Yuanzhang and other emperor are euqally earnest. Working together with such person can be the tiger makes Chang only, and Xu Da, regard generation as the famous general, it is fierce and overbearing certainly, it is cruel even. But actually, ” month of the land of country bright ” these historical characters that present us, it is breaking an audience as far as possible inherent to theirs impression, with common perspective comes depict these imperial general photograph. Abounded their figure figure not only, also distinguish these our familiar history celebrity and the historical celebrity that are in other times likewise come. In the content of the first collect, zhu Yuanzhang is depicted a common emperor. He did not stress his imperial status, come from the angle of the husband and father however him depict part. Although had become an emperor, the food that Zhu Yuanzhang likes most remains the congee that equestrian queen boils for him. Two people have a meal the sweethearts with chatting common like a pair procedure. Zhu Yuanzhang is eating a respect to do not have so much doohickey. It is equestrian queen made two food for him only one soup, congee has cake, this more accord with Zhu Yuanzhang as civilian habits and customs. Treat oneself son, zhu Yuanzhang also is a competent father, look at a son to attend class secretly, hear old 4 attending class, cursory ground develops a classroom. See old 4, hind, his mood is low. He is to took stick to teach him a lesson first, wanted to be thrown again. Next the rule that he takes teacher desk to go up, wanted to be put down again. A such father that are not willing to call a son, also abolish later for him system of prime minister in feudal China, the son becomes captive to bury played a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story. Zhu Yuanzhang does not have imperial violent rage, but he is simpatico. He and his general Xu is amounted to, more resembling is common friend, and Xu amounts to unlike commander of a war is fierce in that way. He also is a common father, be afraid of a daughter even. Burn goose readily to eat, I and children people hide in bavin room secretly, with young daughter of duck leg bribery. See big daughter comes in, I very fear. Resemble battlefield of go on an expedition of generation famous general. Begin from this play, the aureola of commander of Xu Dajun thing with respect to come out. When sequel and Zhu Yuanzhang have a meal, the 4 sons that hear Zhu Yuanzhang wants to let him marry his big daughter, but the identity that he disregards her completely, fall out does not know a person, even speak bluntly daughter is kind of flower on cow dung. Sheet looks from this angle, zhu Yuanzhang gets along with what Xu amounts to mode not so complete. Of respectful Bi Jing. Include to prince Zhu Biao depict, also be more apt works Tuo Tie and sensible eldest son, partial to little brothers the good elder brother that take care of, each figure figure becomes fresh and true, more Everyman of press close to. Hotspot of play of violent wind of old show bone is sufficient, chen Baoguo deduces another monarches to be in ” month of the land of country bright ” in built up bone of one numerous old show, it is the has piece of smooth north personate Wang Baobao that appears in the first concentration only, the Li Shan of Wang Qingxiang personate is long, after the Ma Huang of personate of king female singer, the Hu Weiyong of Du Yuan personate is waited a moment, actors of these play bone stage will be ” month of the land of country bright ” the biggest safeguard of acting level. It is nevertheless in the gut of the first collect, show share is more is Chen Baoguo and Zhang Fengyi, the blast of acting it may be said of two people is cracked, face interview and the alleged home banquet that kiss be related to go up especially, the eyes play of two people and each movement, each actor’s lines, reflect the character’s mentality particularly detailed, and of this play weave also the level of playwrite of it serves to show. The task that the Zhu Yuanzhang of Chen Baoguo personate worries about north of will expeditionary desert gives Xu Da can let Gao Zhen of his have rendered great service advocate disrelish, then prince put forward to mix relative standard, zhu Yuanzhang kink which son is more appropriate, zhu Biao thinks old 4 Zhu Di is the most appropriate, originally Zhu Yuanzhang is not agreed with, but speaking Xu Da when Zhu Biao is fierce general, can lash Zhu Di, and help attend to he, zhu Yuanzhang showed the smile of ponder. Although be a flank only merely, but the light in Chen Baoguo eye, give a person however a kind not only the problem is able to solve, look for person clamp down on successfully still 4 sons, resembling completely is the pleasure after the triumphal fruit that has seen both sides is placed in oneself to prevail at the moment. Had such before buy, zhu Yuanzhang and Xu Da face-to-face when look be like the situation that discusses battlefield, but Zhu Yuanzhang’s eyes is some fleet apparently, apparent these words are matting only merely, including him to speak two people to have a meal is a banquet only merely, also be completely leaving case to Xu Da. After seeing when Xu Da the end that burn goose comes up, realize the problem is done not have so simple, the facial features of Zhu Yuanzhang laugh is knitted was in one case, after after since laughs at Xu Da, knowing, become aware, also be to laugh at oneself to always use such old trick unexpectedly. Acting output of Chen Baoguo is very stable, it is to exceed even anticipate, after all he goes without sedulous ground the gas of the monarch of show Zhu Yuanzhang, deduced the monarch of one specific type however. The Xu Da of Zhang Fengyi personate receives show is to be received very firmly more, when he sees what he likes burn goose two put light, inner play is eventually can not by check eat burn goose, but smile of below one second coagulates suddenly, the reason is he remembered past every time eats burning goose is to important matter disaster needs him to handle. And when he argues strongly for his big daughter and Zhu Yuanzhang, will become a common father and another father from a fierce again confront each other, administrative levels feels extremely strong. Must say ” month of the land of country bright ” the means that differs completely with a kind will tell about Ming Dynasty history, not only was not violated and feel, even interest sex is dye-in-the-wood, be worth to look!

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