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Original title: Sow 1 collect only, violent wind rises a list of names posted up the first, netizen: Is this ” between the world ” later most is moral homebred drama? ? ” between the world ” later published a lot of familial work, but without one exceptional echo flatly. More inaccessible ” between the world ” in that way true and feeling the degree that is the same as experience. But, just go up of the line ” the heart is resided ” , let us see again ” between the world ” shadow. Not only domestic conflict is depicted enoughly actual, and the actor’s expression also did not make us disappointed. At present this drama broadcasted only one collect, had become violent wind to rise a list of names posted up the first. The corresponding period opens sowed new theatrical work ” the princess of shadow emperor ” the adversary that also is not this drama. ” the heart is resided ” before the work that a lot of is the same as subject matter, compare on cast and story set ” the heart is resided ” good, but ” the heart is resided ” depend on it successfully sufficient ground contact is angry. See this play, very much audience gave out complete of 5 stars of 4 stars reputably. Even the netizen says this is ” between the world ” later most moral is homebred drama, gut lets a person look to feel more more! 00-1010 ” the heart is resided ” this work basically presented two women role, one is sea Qing Dynasty, the main actor’s Feng Xiaoqin, one is the Gu Qingyu that Tong Yao acts the leading role, their relation is a maternal aunt and elder brother’s wife. Obviously should peace gets along, mix because of disposition however of living conditions different, do not make do everywhere. Feng Xiaoqin is a model marry the foreign daughter-in-law of Shanghai, she must do everything in the home, buying dish to cook is the mainest operation. To such housewife for, like getting up to resemble fighting every morning. Buy food, she cooks breakfast to family, next each gets up, send the child to go to school finally, doing tiredder than baby-sitter work, cannot get the pay of baby-sitter however. As an ab extra daughter-in-law, she everywhere beware of. Gu Qingyu is a delicate Shanghai woman, the business when getting up in the morning unlike Feng Xiaoqin. She dresses up slowly oneself, a baby-sitter helps her clear away, cook breakfast. Life quality of Gu Qingyu and Feng dawn musical instrument form bright contrast everywhere, but although she is big aunt is so rich, she always also is calculate is worn husband’s younger sister. Look in Feng Xiaoqin, gu Qingyu, regard Gu Lei as the little sister, should extend aid to them, but look in Gu Qingyu, feng Xiaoqin chooses a little brother, marry Shanghai, because she is not begged without place,be, use so buy a person of extraordinary powers to come curtilage prevaricate Feng Xiao Qin lends money. Apparently, feng Xiaoqin and area of area of the Yu Dou that consider blueness smile, mutual respect, but actually, privately, they are not captious the other side. Although consider green Yu Shui,his domestic person cannot leave Feng Xiaoqin, but he always rejects Feng Xiaoqin to buy room and the requirement that lend money. Feng Xiaoqin knits scarf to sister-in-law, behave everywhere friendly. Everything is purposeful. Must say, contradiction of this kind of family is very true. The native discrimination to foreigner, foreigner wants to be in Shanghai, take root buys a house appeal to beg, can let person sense be the same as experience. The reality that this is person and life problem relation appears. 00-1010 ” the heart is resided ” the success is very great the outstanding acting that comes from Yu Haiqing and Tong Yao partly. Early Qian Haiqing by accepted for national daughter-in-law, act Feng Xiaoqin in drama so this part lets a person very set one’s mind at. No matter be one everybody child when the person is waiting for her to be anxious, still be she calls to husband when urging him to lend money, very unripe activation, appear sedulous not at all. Tong Yao is controlling respect of duty field female to be not Changshu to drill, when getting a flower very calm also. , when facing company him the Eight Diagrams calm and dauntless, the be convinced force that allows this one part increases. When the pursuit object Zhan Xiang that faces oneself when her, the distance that expression comes out feels as much proper. Two acting of stage violent wind is the same as after be being inspected greatly, make to this drama really increased many hotspots. In drama, feng Xiaoqin and Guqing Yu leave a floor together, two people apparently look very amiable, but what Gu Qingyu is writing pair of Feng Xiaoqin all over the face is inimical. And although Feng Xiaoqin is as good as his big sisters-in-law exceedingly angry conversation, but the appearance that packs up smile in an instant, it is the intuitionistic incisively and vividly that embodies the contradiction between two people more. In Feng Xiaoqin and Gu Qingyu on body of these two parts, what we see is another ” Shanghai woman illustrated handbook ” , one is to want to prove through a house he can be in Shanghai the outside person of take root, in trying to blend in the life of Shanghai person, and the house looks in her is the most important lining and face. But for so local born and bred to Gu Qingyu Shanghai woman, the house is not to just needed any more, can improve her life quality however, although she the life nowadays has let a person is envy very, but she is having taller pursuit. Former for of 1 million head pay be anxious, latter is taken out at every turn however on ten million, this is the directest difference between person and person. The starting point of two females is different nevertheless, live to be born higher substantially the pursuit of character and better life is identical, the story of two heroine develops sequel to provide a hotspot more, will let us see the body is in demon again how does the female achieve ego breakthrough, reach reconcile.

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