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Original title: Drama of homebred movie and TV accelerates diversity of subject matter diversification, type Drama of homebred movie and TV is accelerated (culture market new observation) core is read in recent years, the sea appearance of drama of homebred movie and TV shows bright look. On content subject matter, by ancient costume drama alone about-face is a form more multivariate, especially performance of work of practical subject matter is outstanding; On sale channel, give priority to change to be by abroad TV station give priority to with sea outflow media. Future, drama of homebred movie and TV ” go to sea ” still need each respect joint efforts, implementation from ” go ” to ” go in ” . The near future, drama of homebred movie and TV ” go to sea ” frequency of news of victory is passed. Left 2022 year explode money drama anthology ” between the world ” be in early film level is taken a fancy to by Dishini, and purchase in advance its are abroad and exclusive issue right; Focusing takes off deficient assault fortified positions ” hill sea affection ” in the whole world 50 many countries and area broadcast… drama of homebred movie and TV ” go to sea ” coruscate gives new appearance, sail to more capacious La Hai, the consequence of Chinese culture overseas also gets farther promotion. Since diversity of subject matter diversification, type is long-term, drama of homebred movie and TV ” go to sea ” leading role is ancient costume drama all the time, from ” discriminate is passed ” ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” to ” Chang’an 12 time ” , the heat of drama of ancient costume of the China on overseas market is not decreased. But the abroad show that this one situation is being made by drama of a series of outstanding and practical subject matter is broken, year after year of heft of drama of practical subject matter increases, present the trend that gives diversity of subject matter diversification, type. Hou Hongliang recalls president of limited company of movie and TV of sunshine of Dong Yangzheng midday, this one change only then broadcasted 2009 ” the good times of daughter-in-law ” , this drama in those days overseas behaves bright look. And since last year, noonday sunshine manufactures ” hill sea affection ” and ” germinant ” the expression of overseas brings more surprise. “” hill sea affection ” the thematic work that is a subject matter of typical the assault fortified positions that take off deficient, overseas performance is good, the specification mirrors Chinese people this the humanitarian trait that yearning to better life drama anthology showed China, the resonance that won abroad audience in all affection. ” Hou Hongliang says: “” germinant ” narrative mode does not calculate to a few abroad audiences actually on fresh, but because character is excellent, also overseas obtained very good sale result. ” with noonday sunshine, the overseas sale success of industry of lemon bud movie is very bright also in recent years eye, its manufacture ” small take leave of ” ” little be willing to part with or use ” ” small quick home ” ” 30 just ” collect waiting for drama obtained very good overseas market performance. Su Xiao of president of industry of lemon bud movie expresses, the sale price of drama anthology can reflect the welcome rate of its overseas from a flank. His citing says, in the past, the abroad and average sale price of ancient costume drama is 80 thousand dollar about one collect, contemporary city subject matter has one market of 559 dollars only probably, but in recent years, theatrical work of outstanding city subject matter also can sell 50 thousand to 80 thousand dollar one collect. Tsinghua university news and Yin Hong of transmission college professor think, performance of overseas of homebred drama anthology is better and better in recent years, the mainest reason is to create production to carry qualitative synergism. “The devoted cost of drama of past ancient costume is higher, commerciality is stronger, quality is better. But in recent years, the character of work of practical subject matter went up, this brought very big change to the market. ” he still points out, will look from policy guiding, in recent years, be in charge of what the branch encourages teleplay of practical subject matter to film, especially the work of a few movie and TV that adapt by fine literature work are increasing, this also makes created character to get be ensuringed effectively. Su Xiao discovers, was in in the past drama of homebred movie and TV ” go to sea ” in the process, abroad Chinese audience holds great majority. But the last few years, foreign audience especially the audience of the developing country, also more and more favour our homebred drama anthology. He thinks, one of main reasons are Chinese economy society develops quickly, bring a society the great change of each respect, caused the widespread attention of abroad audience. From the sale televise counterpoises to go to diversification collaboration means, selling televise to counterpoise is the kind that drama of homebred movie and TV takes the mainest, and the last few years, the means that the orgnaization cooperates also is in drama of homebred movie and TV and overseas market to produce change sadly. ” 30 just ” land the whole world in succession more than 100 countries and area, on line 20 many abroad broadcast platform, become Malaysia the Chinese teleplay with top rate of order programme of new 2020 media. Meanwhile, this drama still realized mode to output outside Xiang Hai, the orgnaization bought the movie and TV of the country such as Korea, Vietnam to break up in succession take advantageous position. “Korea itself is the country with the teleplay very strong capability that make, buy mode to turn over the case that take to abroad less, but also begin with means of this kind of collaboration now much rise. ” Su Xiao says. A series of policy came on stage to also drive drama of homebred movie and TV to be walked out of further. As we have learned, total bureau of national wide report encourages homebred drama anthology to translate dub job in recent years, carried out projects of a series of form a complete set to give support, be like ” project of seeing and hearing of the Silk Road ” ” Chinese contemporary work translates a project ” ” innovation of collaboration of Central Africa movie and TV promotes a project ” etc, begin abroad mainland actively to change interpret to deserve to popularize. In the meantime, channel of carry out of export of sea of drama of homebred movie and TV widens increasingly. Total bureau of national wide report takes the lead ” China exhibits a stage jointly ” online platform rolls out nearly two years to come, aid push many heat to sow homebred drama overseas to appear, be like ” together ” ” glory and dream ” wait to be exhibited in section of movie and TV of international of the seventeenth Tokyo go up to be recommended mainly, ” hill sea affection ” participate in knocked gently December 2021 the online promotion activity of accept TV division. Orgnaization of movie and TV extends abroad transmission channel actively, build platform of more and abroad transmission for drama of homebred movie and TV. The company with a few relatively mature development also built relatively mature sale way, some still established special international business section. “We are general in the past outside the bag gives a middleman, be in charge of selling by them. But in last few years we established special section, get through the channel of each countries, undertake selling in the light of different market characteristic. ” Su Xiao says. Sale object also produced bigger change. In the past, drama of homebred movie and TV basically sells the TV station of other country, each national TV stations broadcast the differs to affect overseas greatly sales volume of the mechanism. “But the last few years, the main sale target of drama of homebred movie and TV gets lost by the TV station shed media, more and more sea outflow media show huge interest, shed media broadcast the mechanism is more agile, broadcasted content more diversification, this also is drama of homebred movie and TV ‘ go ‘ the chance with was offerred better. ” Yin Hong says. Su Xiao still points out, as this the generation of a series of change, abroad buy a time that buys to drama of homebred movie and TV to also shift to an earlier date. “Want previously when a drama is sowed in China, look broadcast the effect, abroad Mai Jiacai has buy intention. Now their buy intention more and more ahead of schedule, be in commonly the subject matter kind that knows drama market, advocate after starting the battle array, company that make, can intervene ahead of schedule, early Suo Dingxi looks at bought drama part. ” mass of anthology of farther promotion drama, hard ” go in ” although drama of homebred movie and TV ” go to sea ” expression relatively had obtained very great progress in the past, but the personage inside course of study also points out, drama of homebred movie and TV still did not arise to explode truly in international transmission paragraph, cause widespread attention of the whole world. Additional, although drama of homebred movie and TV is mixed in many abroad media,shed media platform to go up somewhat exposure, but the audience still is given priority to with abroad Chinese. Hou Hongliang thinks, say strictly, drama of current and homebred movie and TV ” go to sea ” the phase that still is in the market to breed, face the difficulty that exists objectively, should come true from ” go ” to ” go in ” , not be the thing that accomplish in one move. The personage inside course of study thinks generally, drama of homebred movie and TV ” go to sea ” should further, must fluctuate in mass of promotion drama anthology above all great merit husband. “If ourselves does not love to look, how can you hope abroad audience loves to look? ” Hou Hongliang says. Meanwhile, many practitioner express, should consider abroad view to be accepted numerously appropriately in inventing a process degree, creating a sense cannot be give priority to with mainland, sell incidentally go out, and the reaction that ought to consider an international market ahead of schedule. ” between the world ” director Li Lu is being accepted before this when interviewing, arrive with respect to Ceng Di, dishini’s purchase in advance, it is a kind of new pressure and motivation to play staff creation, “We hope, each each each camera lens, actor’s lines, play should have international view, should ponder over foreign audience to look to meet how. ” Su Xiao expresses, drama of homebred movie and TV ” go to sea ” still need each respect joint efforts. He thinks, not be the capacity that every enterprise had independence to be sold external at present, because the everybody inside this need industry builds a platform together,will plan as a whole these general affairs. “Next the key may be research ‘ go ‘ work is in the user on what market will be more, what kind of user will be more, ” Yin Hong says, “We already ‘ go ‘ , but did not catch up with to the research of the market and user. The audience distributings which, who is looking, it is what kind of culture setting, need to undertake analytic study, ability is created in what did not come and specific aim is had more in promotion. ” ” although had not exploded now paragraph, but we believe, as the promotion of work quality, the acknowledge that abroad audience lives to Chinese reality increases, drama of our homebred movie and TV also can become them the one part that daily spirit culture lives. ” Hou Hongliang says. This edition cartography: Zhang Danfeng [editor: ? 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