Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Original title: Speed and passion 9 Han Jingxi renascent regression, north America is fair in May mirror, netizen: Waited several years On May 8, media released film on the network ” speed and passion 9 ” newest prevue, divulge this will be shown in North America on May 28, 2022, important role Han also will revive in this outer plate regression. Recently ” speed and passion 9 ” the stage photo is the same as casing that still released the Han Yutang old after reviving, the two people in the photograph are opposite and stand, atmosphere appears some dignified. Be in to Han ” speed and passion 9 ” in the set of renascent regression, producer Fan Disaier says in the response in interviewing Han is ” speed and passion ” the indispensable anybody in series movies, he is in not only the Tang Dynasty group old has acted as in the time that the old disappears, also mix the Tang Dynasty the old has done a major issue together, he knows exclusively still the Tang Dynasty the person that the old falls. In ” speed and passion 9 ” in senior actor sea the Magedalai of personate of Mi Lun of human relations · Ni · Xiao Ye returns to the surprise, in the dazzle cruel camera lens that car of queen violent wind also appeared in newest prevue, although be the picture that shine and passes only, but still can see Mi Lun of · of sea human relations is driving when the car very easy and calm, all show elegant air. Besides one numerous filmgoer people outside familiar face, in ” speed and passion 9 ” in still added a brand-new part. This Yagebu that makes an appointment with personate of accept of writing · a place of strategic importance by the actor is the Tang Dynasty the close little brother of the old, two people relationship is not harmonious nevertheless, was troubled by fall out to become the room for action of enemy even, the brother that actual strength comparatives of two see a drop to also was full of definitely. ” speed and passion 9 ” the netizen after the information that is about to show is released leaves a message in comment area say ” waited several years, too impatient to wait wants to look ” , the netizen expresses ” the most surprizing thing is Tang Hui returns ” , also the netizen says ” it is to have a of great ambition most it seems that ” . Netizens of no less than are said, this film lets a person wait really looking forward to with eager expectancy, hope ” speed and passion 9 ” show at an early date, obtain exceedingly good box-office result.

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