Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Original title: 20 years old of schoolgirls are sought to take a fancy to by Zhang Yi, prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red, confuse half recreation to encircle male god nowadays Chinese inland 4 big directors, who does everybody know to have? It is Feng Xiaogang respectively, jiang Wen, old paean, still have even if Zhang Yi was sought! Well-known, the work that Zhang Yi seeks each is very outstanding, some earlier year those who pat ” red broomcorn ” , still have what pat in last few years ” Jin Ling 13 hairpin ” ” hawkthorn cultivates love ” etc. Because be inland one of 4 big directors, so every his work can hold red not little person in both hands, especially the heroine in the film, can prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan more and red! And Zhang Yi seeks the heroine in the film, be called kindly by everybody ” seek young woman ” , gong Li, zhang Ziyi, dong Jie, ni Ni, zhou Dongyu is to seek young woman one’s previous experience! Before before long ” Zhang Yi seeks eye ” still went up to heat up search! Really, the vision that Zhang Yi seeks is original really, no matter be the consolidate Li Zhang Ziyi previously, return the Ni Ni Zhou Dongyu that is now, exceedingly outstanding, zhou Dongyu is small small age is the gainer after the shadow more, this lets many people gasp in admiration! As in last few years seek young woman, zhou Dongyu and Ni Ni are very distinctive, and each topic is spent very tall! Still have nevertheless seek young woman, also be Zhang Yi seeks with one action to hold in both hands red, she calls Zhang Huiwen, it is the film ” return ” heroine, zhang Huiwen still is a student of Beijing dancing institute at that time, 20 years old are sought to take a fancy to by Zhang Yi, piece performed the film ” return ” , and prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red! Zhang Huiwen is in the film the daughter of personate consolidate Li, return the Gong Li that be called accordingly ” daughter ” it is very strange also to say, zhang Yi is sought do not wish 8 years to marry her together with Gong Li, dan Gongli unexpectedly not plan past grudge, still go performing Zhang Yi to seek the motion picture that take, very magical really also! Since ” return ” after become famous overnight achieve instant fame, zhang Huiwen was to confuse many male gods, look for even He Gui her to do his the heroine of first film, still remember that ” is Cape jasmine spent ” ? Zhang Huiwen is heroine, return and partner of male god Li Yifeng! Zhang Huiwen confused Li Yifeng not only such male god, was to enchant more largely recreation encircles male god, happy with respect to Lian Gutian, zhang Jiahui praises to her have add, can says ” male god mower ” . In the film ” the person that the disciple goes ” counteract partner of Gu Tianle Zhang Jiahui to cooperate, very give prize, confused ancient young He Jiahui. With male god Ou Hao also has cooperated together, two people still formed new Cp, if not be of Ma Saichun,appear, two people are together likely still at the outset. Recently, zhang Huiwen gives first teleplay that performed his ” grow since the wind of Lang Ya a list of names posted up forest ” , hao Ran of male god Liu was counteracted to mention love in drama. In drama Liu Hao Ran and Zhang Huiwen became new Cp, believe to had seen the friend of this drama, like this personate very much ” Lin Xi ” the girl. Zhang Huiwen appearance is comely but person, doesn’t very difficult somebody like such girl?

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