Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Original title: New edition ” armour of strange door escape ” show, open a gut to cause controversy, so ” ostentation woman’s charms ” good really? New edition ” armour of strange door escape ” already the network shows daylong time. Because have Xu Ke (Xu overcomes playwrite, yuan Heping hold guide) of version foil, so of this new edition ” armour of strange door escape ” also suffer fully expect. Nevertheless, broadcast after a day, this gut goes bland, did not cause any talking endowment, only alone of begin ” ostentation woman’s charms ” part, caused the controversy of netizens. 2017, xu overcomes a director to open cerebral hole again, guide two generation to seek young woman, mix build knight-errant and extraterrestrial to be deduced again ” armour of strange door escape ” , the surprise is full. Two years are lain between when, can see again so strange think of clever the motion picture that think, 2022 new edition ” armour of strange door escape ” come cough up 2022 edition ” armour of strange door escape ” adapt from 2017 Xu overcomes supervise the manufacture of, Yuan Heping hold the film of homonymic courtyard line that guide. By senior director Xiang Qiuliang, Xiang Hesheng is combined hold guide, kaohsiung of bone of Hong Kong old show and young actor He Peng, Lin Yan is soft wait for join forces to deduce. New edition film will continue to delay with 17 edition film ” mist concealed door ” concept, be in on brand-new story, collocation exceeds the knight-errant culture that lights specially good effect to have Chinese spy and union of cabala of a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties. Besides, look look theres is no lack of in film the strange animal element of each different, water of the blame that be like water can add a body the demon animal Bi Fang of all sorts of people, the spider mother of person spider body child, also person also the story such as the python of ghost told about a dandy Zhou Tong is whole days do-nothing, be interested in everything of mist concealed door quite alone only, meet with home runs the Later Zhou Dynasty witnesses father to be killed by enchanter place with saw with one’s own eyes, each master learns door of concealed of Xiang Wu of his what of one mind revenges with great concentration, take on finally in clear responsibility and big Prince of the Devils of blade of defensive position of the world cardinal principles of righteousness, a when make mist concealed door. New edition film will be right ” armour of strange door escape ” the concept undertook be unscramblinged brand-newly, do one’s best to suffer numerous present all corners of the country of armour of strange door escape with a wonderful and real true to life. In this network film ” armour of strange door escape ” open a the plot of a play in the center, on color of camera lens language, learned a few marrow that Xu Ke directs really, will ” inn of dragon a hanger-on of an aristocrat ” and ” vogue 10 thousand kinds ” the tie that made certain amount. Nevertheless, not well-known youth actress cannot realize the high aesthetic feeling of Zhang Manyu, Lin Qingxia type apparently, between network film version, became blind imitation with ludicrous effection, have the suspicion of ostentation woman’s charms more. Be in this ” armour of strange door escape ” in the center, this professes of hotel proprietress ” Chun Chun ” , be in later among gut, do not produce any effect. Accordingly, whole ” ostentation woman’s charms ” paragraph, put the value that be in without materiality. Of course, if just stem from the need that attracts an audience to pay cost to watch, this bridge Duan Fang is inside 6 minutes of begin, it is really ” the pen that the god comes to ” . But, this kind ” the pen that the god comes to ” , besides stunt, what to still have? Outstanding film work, do not abstain from these want only proper, and artistic function is assumed between the film, have the value of existence. Instead is writing of partial network film, do not respect this one value, it is a such bridge only paragraph regard as stunt, go attracting a netizen to paid cost to stop. The processing means of this kind of low common, just be the biggest to the film do not respect. Leave piece play code, on quality, learn Xu Ke to direct, although draw a tiger to be not become,turn over kind of dog, but this dog, still have a look at least. The content behind, be in a state of disunity really, the manufacture in a rough way that retained network film. To network film, although make cost cannot place on a par with courtyard line film, but go up in story sex at least, can accomplish more give new ability to be opposite. Meanwhile, between creation, should maintain more first heart, take woman’s charms stunt less ” act as an advance party ” . Filmgoer is not foolish, leave these thing only when a film when, film itself, what be interesting idea.

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