Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Original title: People looks ” between the world ” , I look ” ” half worldly ” “ ” between the world ” when just broadcasting special fire, the acting of a few great main actors is pretty good also, but what like most still is Zhou Fu. He is the sort of traditional old father figure, be similar to ” back ” the father in, love to filial father already severity is borne again. There are two paragraphs of plays to make person impression particularly deep in drama. It is Zhou Rong be not accused and did not go Guizhou is raised religion, zhou Fu is enraged so that do not know this daughter, do not let her come home, however oneself are being taken the advantage of spend the New Year the time that have a holiday goes from Chongqing Guizhou visits a daughter. At that time the traffic unlike now, two hours go to Gao Tieyi. Zhou Fu is carrying the soap that the unit sends, the articles for daily use such as cloth shoe, postscript hill ford comes to the cave that the daughter is in, the instantaneous photograph that father daughter meets is embraced together, all unhappy all between father daughter vanish completely before. Another is to spend the New Year, zhou Fu returns a play that domestic hind and young son quarrel inside house. During father and son already buy enrages several years, epistolary also ghostwrite by Zheng Juan. The heart of for a long time of the scrape up between father and son depressed contradiction to be released as brawl instant. The performance of two actors is without the trace of the performance, it is like bona fide happening beside ourselves same. When seeing this paragraph, although be being borne, but tear is in spite of oneself past indelicacy really, think control is not controlled the sort of, and do not want to be discovered again. Compare a woman, of the man cry play is more heartrending. See this one market, I abandon theatrical work, song, be afraid that the heart is too afflictive, looked only so ” half worldly ” . Pick from ” back ” among them my say: “Father, you go. ” he looks toward the car, say: “I buy a few orange. You are in here, do not ambulate. ” I see what there are a few to sell a thing outside the barrier of the platform there waiting for a client. Walk along the platform there, must cross railroad, must jump down to be mounted again. Father is a fatso, go by natural to want to give or take a lot of trouble some. I want to go originally, he does not agree, be forced to let him go. I see he is wearing black cloth small hat, big mandarin jacket of dress black cloth 12, gown of cotton of deep black cloth, stagger 13 ground go to the side of railroad, slowly explore body goes down, still not quite difficult. But he crosses railroad, want to mount the platform there, not easy. He is being climbed with two tactics above, bipod shrinks up again; Small bend of his fat body towards the left, show the pattern of effort. At this moment the back that I see him, my tear flows immediately. I hurry mop fought a tear. Be afraid that he sees, also be afraid that people sees. When I look outwards again, he already held vermilion orange in the arms to turn back. When crossing railroad, he comes loose orange first ground, oneself slowly climb down, hold an orange in the arms to go again. Here when, I go rapidly help by the arm he. He and I go to the car, put orange stock and barrel on my fur coat. Attack then attack the clay on the garment, in the heart very relaxed like. Say a little while too: “I went, to the incoming letter there! ” I am looking at him to be walked out of. He took a few steps, had turned round to see me, say: “Go in, inside nobody. ” in the person of the back interfuse come and go that waits for him, searched to be not worn again, I come in sit down, my tear came again.

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