Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Original title: ” Qiao Jia’s children ” hind, noonday sunshine new theatrical work will switch on the mobile phone, ” know to deny ” playwrite joins in too expect A lot of audiences feel present teleplay is bad to looked! Get to the bottom of sth, it is production square for accrual the biggest change, will many capital is used at inviting discharge actor or artist, use naturally at play burnish and movie and TV to make without money, teleplay is uglier and uglier also. The director uses exquisite camera lens, showed tall home 5 children arrive from junior muddled grown adult, give aid to one pace enters a day that gives his each other. Sterling Nanjing word, great smoke and fire is angry, the life of real joys and sorrows of life, looking the audience is completely is to touch. ” Qiao Jia’s children ” hind, stretch time to want to take new theatrical work again, noonday sunshine edition ” small jubilate ” bring a netizen to expect! This drama is called ” with child renown ” , it is domestic Yo drama subject matter. The family that this drama focusing differs 3 times, willow origin is common, not hesitate all cost let son rise head and shoulders above others, with the childhood of child of fill of class of take lessons after school. Xu Yuejuan is rich lady, dedicated man, to the child without any consideration. Jiang Danhua serves as a teacher, press child reluctance learns, make the child suffers from finally on depressed disease. As a result of the husband ” irresponsible ” , 3 mothers go further more on wrong educational way, also make the child black and blue, till children each gets hurt, mother people how to just love the child till this eventually. Mix from the point of gut ” small jubilate ” exceptionally similar, the child of depressed disease, busy father, fill the life of pressure, different is ” small jubilate ” Zhongfangyi altogethers a happiness, parents is genial. Yo drama is these two years of popular subject matter, but of the star on this year ” accompany you to be brought up together ” and ” little be willing to part with or use ” did not lift how old spray, heat is insufficient, public praise is differred again, the Yo that does not know noonday sunshine whether drama is like ” Qiao Jia’s children ” euqally good-looking. Noonday sunshine picks part all the time very magical, can accomplish ” the god is reductive ” origianl work, some earlier year of midday choosing horn reject all discharge small be born and little fresh pork, look for actual strength to send old show character only. But change as market wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation, midday also begins force to hold new personality in both hands. ” Qing Pingle ” medium Ren Min, ” Qiao Jia’s children ” the Zhang Wan meaning in, Song Zuer is 90 hind. This ” with child renown ” very large possibility also can promote newlywed person, many female actor are worth the moment of truth of transition, can give the theatrical work that performs midday can transition is sent into actual strength, also be very big promotion to the acting of oneself. Yang Zi also is very appropriate person selected. Yang Zi is in ” survive ” ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” the figure that rosebud is in waiting for drama, but 28 years old of Yang Zi already no longer young, the floret that recreation encircles advance wave upon wave people eye covetously, she performs God theatrical work again apparent improper, but acting and the Yang Zi that colour value coexists just lack an opportunity, if can go out,act ” with child renown ” should meet so successful transition. Plunge into like Dilireba, Wu Qian, Gulina besides, Jiang Shu shadow is right choice!

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