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Original title: A list of names posted up of hot in August drama gives heat: ” with Jun Ge ” into accompany run, ” sweep black storm ” Qu Ju the 2nd The line on take turns of good theatrical work of much recently department, wonderful unsurpassed, ” Yu Louchun ” in the parent that represents tall door large family short, sisters-in-law of wife and mother concerns; ” I am quite good in an alien land ” focusing north bleachs the young life in big city. ” I am to love you really ” a variety of dilemma that relate a female to be encountered socially. So much good theatrical work, which does the audience like after all? See heat day a list of names posted up know! ” with Jun Ge ” into accompany run all along of ancient costume drama is concussion explodes the subject matter of the paragraph, but ” with Jun Ge ” go up oneself since the line, resonant flatly. Sow 4 days, fabaceous valve paragraph more than 8000, the difference that is all of one suit however is judged. Regard the history as big play, male advocate choosing Cheng Yi is to hold woman audience, but did not think of many woman audiences also spit groovy Cheng Yi, “Male advocate the gas that does not have a monarch, female advocate show off how breathe out self-invited ripe, be no good. ” the problem that sees can discover the audience spits groove is really, ” with Jun Ge ” head sow attack the street has this a few reason. It is teleplay whole fundamental key above all depressing and superabundant, lively inadequacy. ” with Jun Ge ” do not belong to the history drama, ancient costume still is on gut sweet bestow favor on drama. Or of this kind of subject matter is done laugh to be taken off happily picture ” the Chen Qian Qian in the hearsay ” , or is sweet bestow favor on sweet be bored with resembles ” flexibly fragrant Fei ” , or pure cruel resembles ” coloured glaze ” , the metropolis is very successful. But ” with Jun Ge ” fight of politics of the government before emphasizing particularly on and suspense, male principal and subordinate at the beginning with respect to distrust female advocate, taking suspicion to serve holder, essential knock is less than candy. This brings about him integral style both neither is sweet lax also respectful, became ” 4 unlike ” . Next leading role person is set let a person be accepted hard. Li Yan is the teenager the emperor of endure humiliation in order to carry out an important task, cheng Reyu is the muddled girl that face hall enters first, it is originally very take the person of feeling to set, want to let an audience experience set, need leading role grows to drill with all previous. But teleplay Li Yan of the first collect is the Supreme Being with respect to ascend the throng, cheng is like Yu Chengxin hold sword person, puerile acting lets an audience very hard be taken. The gut at the back of the hope can a few more wonderful. ” sweep black storm ” Qu Ju the 2nd crime piece all along is patted the hardest, pat greatly cannot cross careful, be patted shallowly, the audience looks accurate. But these year still have a lot of outstanding work, resemble ” people’s name ” , ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” , ” silent truth ” it is the good theatrical work that public praise blast cracks. And the netizen is evaluated ” sweep black storm ” be better than ” silent truth ” , do not be defeated ” people’s name ” . The reason that is worth to look is too much: The real case, acting that exceeds large scale, essence to allow, attemper, compact movement, match powers, suspense… even if the acting with respect to Sun Gonglei, Liu Yijun, peaceful manage is right definitely these a few words, be worth to look. ” sweep black storm ” on the line is 3 days short, harvest paragraph of valve of nearly 10 thousand beanses, be like tide reputably, valve of range estimation beans gives a mark won’t under 8.5 minutes. As Ma Shuai Ying Ziluo of bizarre death, Xu is borrowed be confused again identity of J, Sun Xing becomes a puzzle, as if one magnify hand is dominating green cane town in the secret. What did green cane city produce after all 14 years ago? Li Chengyang and master by whose circumvent? Brillant who is far umbrella after all? Each story line is very absorbing. ” the honor that you are me ” close inspect gain the championship ” the honor that you are me ” can says ” the spring of colour dog ” . Army beauty of region of different of partner of art school careless Yang Yang Dilireba, such battle array too shake. The brilliant of honorable # brilliant that you are me uses # renown wine is at road keep up appearance, bring back at road acknowledgment brilliant, wine is prop only, but 3 view are not two people after the flesh all the time feeling made bedding. At road yearning spaceflight, yearning stars sea, but this bunny that has seen tiny spot, have again beside too much and helpless, family, love, the expectation of teacher, he is waded hard at the same time by drag at the same time. Fortunately tall brilliant brilliant supports all the time at road, gave him sturdy power. The routine of researcher of spaceflight of drama lieutenant general shows us, those who let Everyman know engineers is great with hardship, but have them just about pay, just have the bitter fleabane break out of spaceflight career is exhibited nowadays.

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