Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Original title: Papi sauce weighs Zhou Dongyu is straightforward, sun Gonglei says she does not have courtesy however, real character after all how? The film that Zhang Yi seeks is held in both hands a lot of redder person, for instance Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Dongyu is waited a moment. Before be being compared two, zhou Dongyu is an accident really, because her colour value take a broad view is whole,perform art circle, it is its appearance really not raise, the figure is particularly compressed still. Nevertheless at that time ” hawkthorn cultivates love ” of need is a pure and clinking young woman student, and often seek child just took a fancy to Zhou Dongyu namely this. Did not think of this girl has intelligence so, grasped the opportunity that have one’s moment from now on actually, checked boreal film smoothly also. 18 years old are become ” seek young woman ” explode overnight red, by right of ” hawkthorn cultivates love ” won one pile award, can saying really is ” go out namely summit summit ” . The Zhou Dongyu with so high starting point also does not have disappoint filmgoer people, learned 4 years in boreal shadow, add herself the endowment to the performance, many outstanding work also were brought in giving this 10 years. Regard a gleam of in moviedom as floret, although Zhou Dongyu grows commonly, but acting suffers fully really praise, just all the time somebody approves her ” do not have courtesy ” , ” affection business is small ” . Obtain with Ma Saichun in pairs in those days ” after golden horse shadow ” , after passing, bright little somebody oppugns Zhou Dongyu, the person of eristic Ma Saichun is not little, this because its Central Plains is small companionate people oneself think over! And Zhou Dongyu said a word at that time, also in the middle of netizen one’s heart’s desire, be taken excessive unscramble. Zhou Dongyu states neither one is moviedom inside him home at that time in, can win this award also be brilliance lintel, implication is he still calculates try to make a good showing, did not give familial lose face. But the domestic background that everybody knows Ma Saichun, this ” after golden horse shadow ” get dispute with respect to equipment originally, then a lot of person analyses Zhou Dongyu and Ma Saichun is ” plastic sister is spent ” , furtive it how is the relation in done not have actually is good how is the relation in done not have actually? Small make up feel Zhou Dongyu seems to also be not considered at that time go up, feeling character says even bear the palm farfetchedly, which have idea to go connotation others ah. Papi sauce once evaluated Zhou Dongyu is a straightforward, so her real character how? Hearsay of all corners of the country, sun Gonglei once had evaluated a young actor to do not have courtesy very much, and what this young actor points to is Zhou Dongyu. When allegedly two people first time meets, zhou Dongyu does not have any honorific, represent Sun Gonglei’s name, offend elder is vinegary very. But actually this is a few reports garble, family grandson red thunder is to take this thing to come from ridicule to be waited for in this circle long seem to have bit of affectation, do those to be paid attention to inflexibly, feel of Zhou Dongyu true more commendable. Sun Gonglei evaluates bad-mannered young actor, bright red nowadays big violet, is she to do not have courtesy really? Also do not know how to be transmitted later pass, became ” Sun Gonglei says Zhou Dongyu does not have courtesy ” . But rain of family week winter did not come out what to explain from beginning to end, estimation also is to be disinclined to pay attention to these disappointing reports. Is then she to do not have courtesy really? If,I feel really so not sensible, she nowadays is impossible also bright red big violet. Just putting a common heart in the bosom on a few bagatelle, did not take out those hypocritical polite formula. Because this nature on body of week winter rain is mixed,everybody also is plain, just prefer this girl.

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