Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Original title: Yan Xuejing Tang Yan exposing to the sun already twin? It is really good that the netizen highly praises gene? I will take you to see the merit On May 8 in the morning, net Tang Yan exposing to the sun upgrades when mom, and be twin. The netizen gasps in admiration: Gene is really good! Tang Yan and Luo Jin are called the paradigmatic husband and wife that recreation encircles all the time since marry, hear without red, humanness plays low-key, on May 19, the news that Luo Jin announces Tang Yan to be pregnant, there is medium during from Luo Jin and Tang Yan collective good friend is in know this message is belonged to solid. Yesterday, yan Xuejing affirmed this matter. The thing passes roughly: Yesterday, when Yan learns brilliant to give looking glass in some platform, during with vermicelli made from bean starch interactive heat chats, not careful inadvertently blurt out ” saw circle of Luo Jin’s friend sent Tang Yan to give birth to a pair of twin yesterday ” , boiler of netizen instant blast, seek testimony in succession, dan Yan learns brilliant to shut a mouth not to carry this matter, look affirmatory and undoubted. Nevertheless Yan learns netizen of brilliant this word or approve of, there has been collaboration before Yan Xuejing and Luo Jin after all, two people concern under the counter pretty good. Two people return Luo Jin and Tang Yan to did not announce this news now, I think should be now countrywide fluctuation epidemic situation is prevented accuse very nervous, do not want to take up everybody’s energy and social natural resources, must nod assist. Still bless two people anyhow. Epidemic situation is prevented during accusing, it is good to hope everybody is done defend, you peacefully best. The article comes here end, if you have what view to the article, welcome everybody lower part leaves a message, you also can be added small make up attention, present more and wonderful information for you everyday, thank!

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