Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Original title: Shine marriage a year, a word exposes the mother-in-law domestic position of Zhao Liying, netizen: Marry pair of people! Zhao Liying has been married Feng Shaofeng a year, feeling still calculates stability, at the outset two people make public amour, but encountered large quantities of one netizens object, shine marriage be in nowadays according to the Zhao Liying that marries a person what position is husband’s family? Two setting difference can say Zhao Liying and peak of Feng carry on is those who comparative became big, one’s previous experience of Zhao Liying country, domestic poverty, to subsidize parental family expenses, zhao Li Yingcai chooses to encircle development into recreation. And Feng Shaofeng is an one hundred percent is rich 2 generation, its parents social status passes one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight, with polarity of Zhao Liying family expenses. Say a truth, if Zhao Liying did not have his moment in recreational group, or it is the word that did not encircle into recreation, she and peak of that Feng carry on go impossibly also forever. The Zhao Liying nowadays also is a social status passes the person of 100 million, but she is maintaining economizing life as before, the Feng Shaofeng that write down once disclosed in the program say: It is cheap that Li Ying often buys Zhao to be caused after marriage but not real however thing, this is a kind of very economical habit discovers. And Feng Shaofeng and wide gap of family of Zhao Liying itself are very big, plus two people it is to shine marriage according to, each other are not very familiar, there is a few differences also are hard to avoid in the life so. Feng Shaofeng’s mom is right nevertheless Zhao Liying’s practice however very indicate approval, she says ” oneself can understand daughter-in-law very much this kind of practice, still say housekeeping of Zhao Liying hardworking and thrifty, it is a good son’s wife, it is a woman that can get along ” . This word of Zhao Liying’s mother-in-law also proved Zhao Liying is in directly the position of husband’s family, the person of visible husband’s family is to comparative value Zhao Liying, she is in the position in husband’s family popular feeling also is quite tall. And the relation between Zhao Liying and mother-in-law also is those who get along is quite harmonious, zhao Liying not only on the career very hard, very successful, the little family them also is to be done in perfect orderly, who does not love such son’s wife, who has such daughter-in-law not happy? Although Zhao Liying had become mother now, and also reappeared again, but in light of the body appearance temperament from her, complete it doesn’t matter changes, more temperamental than before even not bad, and body form as before fine, much still a sensation that becomes fashionable woman ingredient, jing Rufeng of pardonable also Feng is obsessed with so to her, must say, zhao Liying is life wins the home greatly really. Of course everything what what Zhao Liying has now, the effort with her is not divided, small body greatly energy, hard-working, be brave in to hit go all out, independence is self-confident, sending out all over the glamour of a kind of extraordinary, the delegate of female of really new era, do you like Zhao Liying?

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