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Original title: Archives of summer vacation time is orgiastic ring down the curtain, in September country drama gloomy, rely on keep up appearance of bright of Ma Yi , Liu only As the arrival of opening season, archives of summer vacation time also neared end eventually. Review file of this summer vacation time, tomato gentleman discovers explode the fund is true still many. Want to carry above all, nature is just receive an official ” small jubilate ” . This family drama took archives of summer vacation time to heat up the highest cent that sows drama with the high component unexpectedly of 8.3, this drama leaves before sowing, tomato gentleman premonitions its meeting fire, but did not think of to meet so fire. When drama anthology swift end, this drama is search of a day of a heat almost. Want to say next, it is ” predestined relationship of Chen night tide ” this god drama. Just left when sowing, from actor age, makeup look, gut by all sorts of group ridicule, even someone says this theatrical work is to following completely ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” will pat. Sigh with emotion in succession in everybody when the acting that wasted Zhang Zhen, this drama rebounds absolutely however, as the ceaseless development of gut, public praise is better and better, final with the mark of 7.9 perfect receive an official. The gut after 20 collect is cannot help doing sth letting a person more, pink of predestined relationship predestined relationship people ask Zhang Zhen and Ni Ni continue in succession group CP takes 600 part again. This summer is likewise hot, still have ” Chen Qing makes ” , his experience is compared ” predestined relationship of Chen night tide ” even free and easy rises and fall. From grading opening a picture 4.9, be scolded to destroy by book confusing classical, arrive to last sprint the mark of 8, also be a miracle of this summer. Without giving thought to,do not pass these drama again how outstanding, they recollect those who make summer eventually (do not cross us a certain small be classified ” predestined relationship of Chen night tide ” hole climbed not to come out temporarily) . One, ” the king of a land battle ” main actor: Chen Xiao, Wang Lei, Wu Yue, Zhang Yaqin head sow: 2019-08-26 broadcasts platform: East defends inspect, Zhejiang defends inspect, type of cruel of Tecent, actor: Gut, war the tank force that a flock of youths joined ground force because of all sorts of good luck, what there is consider oneself unexcelled in the world in this group of people is rich 2 generation, have hard-working rural soldier, also women does not allow a man ” false boy ” . They are in one case in tank army a training, argue, be come out finally to finish the test job of new-style tank by choose because of outstanding achievement. This drama is to receive grade ” small jubilate ” , bead jade is advanced, scarcely of most propbably pressure is small — the story of army brigade subject matter lets a person cannot help remembering ” my brother makes arrange smooth ” , want to be patted well only, prize can give like. 2, ” ordinary honor ” main actor: Zhao Youting, Bai Jingting, Qiao Xin, Wei Daxun, Pang Hanchen head sow: 2019-08-27 broadcasts platform: Type of actor cruel video: Of gut Wu Ke (Zhao Youting is acted the role of) the manager that is a famous transnational corporation, the disposition that because bridle is proud,rudes, although handle affairs capability is strong, length of service is old, but cannot rise job from beginning to end however. Looked so much wrapping around the affection theatrical work that duty field sells love, tomato gentleman can pat wind to assure this to everybody eventually is clean duty field theatrical work absolutely. Why so certainly? Because this drama breaks up,pat from Han edition ” not unripe ” , although original is theatrical work of department office field, occupy Han a review of a play by force to divide first place of a list of names posted up all the year round however, be true can fascinating duty field theatrical work, have good play, most propbably is adapted edition also too won’t poor. 3, ” boy of my Mo Ge benefit ” main actor: Ma Tianyu, Yang Zi, Fu Mengbai, Wang Zhen, hold the post of Yan Kai head to sow: 2019-08-29 broadcasts platform: Love is strange art type: Famous female stylist collects atelier of love wet card the man that answered to live in the forest as a child. One is metropolitan young woman, one is Shan Ye boy, two people live jointly, joke is ceaseless, take a strong point in the each other on body of the other side again, grow jointly, establish close relationship gradually. In love drama, the hero person of this drama is set be let a person find everything new and fresh. In this time that does not go out to know the world thing, come a character to modern society utterly ignorant, should meet the plot that a lot of let an audience feel a surprise. And be on Yang Zi’s current person to enrage, very possible meeting becomes this drama to explode brand-newly paragraph. 4, ” first love that bagatelle ” head sow: 2019-09-06(chinese mainland) broadcast platform: Mango TV type: Love male advocate it is campus male god, female advocate it is the school in ordinary ” about the same ” young lady, each respect is about the same level only. Because of accident, male god abandoned his musical dream, discarded even all music score are scriptural. Female advocate collect secretly returned manuscript, and pledge should become deserve to go up the schoolgirl of male god. Try hard through, female advocate thoroughly remould oneself, and help male advocate requicken, let first love become unusually sweet. This is drama edition ” first love that hour ” , with the film of peaceful edition, those who tell is the story of of ugly female Nie. 5, ” the answer that you are me ” broadcast platform: Love is strange art, mango TV acts the leading role: Character of Guo Xiaodong, Wu Jin, Zhao Shunran, Zhao Yuxi, Pan Shi, 7 Miao Chi types: Detect of talk feeling, city, punishment and the boudoir honey of Zhou Yuan’s subordinate and Bai Xiaolu also became sweethearts, two pairs of sweethearts uncovered unsettled case, doubtful case finally one case another case together. This is wrapping around in fokelore namely duty field (punishment detect) appearance sells the theatrical work of love. Actually from shadow edition ” Qin Ming of legal medical expert ” can see, of this kind of subject matter those who suffer numerous group to be interested most still is law case itself, must join the clue that love loves a few passion to be able to let audience heart give birth to allergy instead. 6, ” in distance ” broadcast platform: Actor cruel acts the leading role: Type of of Liu Ye, Ma Yi, Mei Ting, Bao Jianfeng, Ceng Li: Gut 1999, the Yao far afterwards that high school graduates (Liu Ye) bear carriage career of parents, to contend with postal business, the daughter Lu Xiaoou that he is close to manager of postal express delivery intentionally (Ma Yi ) cover take news, as a result two people were immersed in love river really however. Yao Yuan matchs self-consciously not Europe of start off dawn, then far walk along Hong Kong. Did not think of two people are in Hong Kong meet by chance, establish jointly in an alien land together had a transport company. of Liu Ye, Ma Yi, Mei Ting, Bao Jianfeng… average age exceeded the actor of this drama 40 years old, it is a few say to go up the actor of play bone. The eye that these people raise a play is all along right, can gather at a heat so much person, believe this drama has the latent capacity that is worth to look.

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