Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Original title: Easy melt 1000 royal seal ” warm blood travels together ” grading high temperature is low, a Yi leaves Chong Liming open new page Want to know, if have discharge actor,join the teleplay that act only now, wanting public praise only is not special difference, can have the possibility that explodes greatly, but drama anthology has broadcasted now half, but heat did not see the trend instead that has any growth is,decreasing, make a person a bit accident indeed. ” warm blood travels together ” the main actor is Huang Zitao, as male advocate peace he of investor is faced such state is met certainly now a bit sad, after all to him this drama is his masterpiece. And easy melt 1000 royal seal, no matter be to go out,perform teleplay or film, still be resembled by nomination gold now award, it is an affirmation of pair of his acting, of such effort in recreational group 00 hind actor is not much really see. In ” warm blood travels together ” in, he is special piece act, the A Yi of personate comes on the stage let a person shine at the moment, setting of this one’s life experience also is to let popular feeling ache. From a child and mother are detached, by Tu Cun, bring about him as a child tacit, because want to revenge to choose to go into town so, chong Liming was known in this process, by colourful force is joined after be being saved for many times time, become good brother. According to novel content, a Yi harvested numerous brother finally between exceedingly good, still found oneself mother and elder sister, situation of final He Yan time brother experience heavy difficulty and block up, battlefield of go on an expedition, become a soldier that protects the home to defend a country. After ending with respect to the gut in this week however, next week premonitory in, a Yi prepares to follow Zhou Jiao’s footstep leaves Chong Liming, after all the road that 2 people are destined to want is different way. The plot that A Yi sees Chong Liming solved Qing Long to meet and Xiaoke after this marijuana is irritated, chong Liming decides farewell and Zhou Jiao hurries off to south. In current gut, a Yi is in after experiencing all sorts of things, what no more than thinks is he should serve as somewhat, found big foolish, knew to give birth to a mother, encountered the Zhou Jiao that likes to do a thought to work to the person, nature can side with free direction, did not stay in colourful situation so time likelihood, and A Yi is in the action in drama, it is to leave Chong Liming, go choosing a best route. A Yi won’t stay beside Chong Liming, because he is a person as a child,be, he does not have the familial pressure on Chong Liming body, it is completely free, also be a person that can realize self-worth. Although parted,do not pass, the feeling of two good brother also won’t come loose, a Yi can be in finally another place and Chong Liming fulfil an earnest wish together. ” warm blood travels together ” gut has entered the phase that turn white-hot, all and crucial figure has come on the stage, the teleplay of the corresponding period of may comparative other type, heat is done not have very tall, but the gut of this drama still is worth affirmation, what catch the character characteristic of clear minor details and new era is very accurate, gut development of future is worth to expect!

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