Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Original title: 22 years are lain between when, ” red spider ” the prototype in is sentenced capital punishment, female demon head suffers legal sanction eventually! 1999, partner method of Lao Rongzhi flower associate with an evil person, lao Rongzhi is in charge of betraying hue to entice the injured party to swallow the bait, again by method flower the helper commits murder. Method flower is arrested later and sentence execute by shooting, lao Rongzhi is fugitive however and outer, conceal one’s identity lived 20 years. This case is in in those days very resounding, also caused teleplay to direct the attention of Zhang Junzhao, Dou Xiao. This play director once said frankly, they plan to throw low cost to pat a teleplay at that time, want to be prototype to film with real case drama of suspense of a half on-the-spot record. Because at the beginning of department theatrical work films, this wants to throw how many cost, the main actor also is little known actor. The part in drama ” Milan ” , ” Ma Qian ” it is prototype with Lao Rongzhi namely, these two parts part by personate of Yuan of Zhang Xuefei, Zhaoyuan. These two actors look in the audience at that time is unripe face, up to now people is little to the understanding of the actor in drama little, the configuration of the biggest shop sign in whole department theatrical work is the trailer song that Zhou Huajian sings. Perhaps be to let watch sense of reality and generation increase to enter when seeing play feeling, the actor in drama is very much be not one’s previous experience of regular professional training, acting is very green also acerbity. In 20 years of her desperate skyline, lao Rongzhi seeks living in bar, KTV all the time at first, because of identity of oppose of this kind of labour check more comfortable. Knew the boss of some watch shop later, became sweethearts to concern with him, lao Rongzhi just resigned evening show works. In the Lao Rongzhi that watch shop works, when confronting a client, always be smiling face welcomes a person, those and she has laid the person of brief encounter, perhaps do not guess, her smile backside still has 7 bloody human life. Want to come so, after seeing Lao Rongzhi is captured, show ” calm ” smile, small 8 feel to shudder unexpectedly. Nowadays, lao Rongzhi got legal sanction eventually, although this court decision was late 20 years, but day net extensive she is at large absolutely impossibly. When small 8 farewell are considered ” red spider ” when this drama, should not feel creepy again, however more reason believes just force.

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