Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Original title: New ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” the road is illuminated fully expose to the sun piece, modelling is cheap hot eye, should destroy again classical Break up patting all along is it is a thing that does not please painfully, but unluckily somebody does not believe this evil, contending for bump toward muzzle. In the final analysis still feels profitable, want to touch classical light to scoop up brushstroke. The work that includes Jin Yong inside, broadcast in last few years break up take theatrical work much all the more. But great majority is the sodden drama that demon changes gut, manufacture in a rough way, the Yanzhi of new personality actor and acting are more with elder people apart is very far. Expose to the sun on the net now gave doubt to be like new edition ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” the road is illuminated fully, modelling dare not flatter really. From the point of the photograph, two actress are wearing the happy event of bright red color to take, should be the stage that taking the fault on new personality marriage to spend the bridge. Aesthetic benevolence person the person that see Ren Zhi sees wisdom, do not talk about appearance first how, whether to accord with the character’s temperament, sheet is persuaded change thick cheap wind blow on the face and come. Look more resembling is Cosplay, perhaps hire the dress to pat a tourist to illuminate inside scene area, do not have ancient costume drama completely should some fine feeling, instead has some of hot eye. New ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” the information that wants to pat comes out long already, choose horn to do not have exposure tardy however, did not think of first time road is gotten fully ” dead date ” . 21 years ago, ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” ever heated up sow temporarily, become not only at that time close inspect champion, still lift an upsurge that seek theatrical work, with one action is held in both hands red the young actor such as Huang Yi, small Li Lin, Nie Yuan, Sha Yi. Up-to-date, the character in drama and clue are confused by extensive theatrical work as before take delight in talking about. And this drama can become ancient costume subject matter make classically, be attributed to gut on one hand absorbing. Look with present eye, although have some of dog blood, but do not affect everybody to be chased after with pleasure. Next the Yan Zhi of actors can be hit really, huang Yi is melting and clever, small Li Lin is tender and dignified, nie far demeanour is elegant, tiny stream child enchanting and moving. Connect personate ” Shapingwei ” Sha Yi is little fresh pork, deserve completely to go up ” army art officer is female ” title. At that time although they are wet behind the ears, but acting did not pull hip, performance nature is not feigned, the nature that content explains everybody is bright. Still have a bit very important, be this drama then take change very conscience. Since decide to break up,pat, that is patted so that use a heart a bit, anthology good actor, do not want demon to change, get a scolding to was not treated unjustly otherwise.

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