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Original title: Ghost blew the lamp to come eventually a big gold tooth that the model has kind it is unexpectedly ” the person that pretend ” bridge section chief The world bully sings ” ghost blows the lamp ” , the visibility that grab is fooled in becoming movie and TV early to encircle the baby IP of aquatic money. Rob a tomb this subject matter, move screen, always can not take care with respect to go out of form. Or became dozen of strange animal, or became Xiang Taiyang of a hearts ” hand in a country ” . Subject matter of rob a tomb was adapted so much time, besides ” the bid farewell that search dragon ” rely on to choose a side a little, invite origianl work party people be about to cry do not have a tear. The drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters that is not boundless eventually! Respect the kernel of novel plot eventually, begin coffin rob a tomb to hit a zhongzi really! Say the Hu Bayi of Jin Dong edition, have should pass the gift of arms in those days the personal loyalty of meeting deep ploughing model, have the sort of persistent veteran cadre with 80 peculiar time again model. Field of this kind of certain heavy gas, little fresh pork can not have casually. With that paragraph of dialog that meets again after a long separation between king fatso, completely faithful Yu Yuan is written. Do old cowboy to take with respect to what connect king fat person, sailor’s striped shirt and toad lens, it is the fashionable tide with 80 the most popular time. Should not say more, the zhongzi is hit in rob a tomb opening a shop on this thing, completely explicit. Red of the family, climb from bier so. Have the look that threatens so that fart rolls make water to flow. Liu Chuan ” 9 bewitching tower ” red , it is the 4 unlike that this kind resembles wolfhound again like boar again or specially good effect does. Take an outer door scene repeatedly, ” the essence of life that ghost plays the lamp is absolutely ancient city ” also be conscientiously it is desert it is gully, bear wind to play wreak havoc of insolation yellow sand, solid dozen of fact not lazy. No wonder, broadcast that day, broadcast a quantity to be able to be defeated 100 million. Nevertheless, compared with leading role of male and female people, I want to say a minor role only, namely ” Pan home gold as form of a address for an official or rich man ” big gold tooth. Tooth of this big gold, fame far be not a patch on ” the bid farewell that search dragon ” in the Xia Yu that acts big gold tooth likewise. Rise comparably, the fade bad fade of type of the sort of big gold tooth is bad belong to pass forcibly fierce later maintain. And ” the essence of life that ghost plays the lamp is absolutely ancient city ” the big gold tooth in, it is the wily old bird of the wander from place to place and earn a living by juggling that comes out from in one’s heart however. Crafty and astute, but also know rule of all corners of the country. At the beginning incident receiving jade, one is plant ” father is hole you how ” imposing manner. The antique business to oneself can rise clear Hu Bayi and king fatso to assist action to huge, changed a piece of face immediately. The heart has those who do not conceal is glad, adscititious a pair ” from now on you a form of a address for an official or rich man namely ” flattery appearance. This little known big gold tooth, it is an all wool and a yard wide good actor however. But, before this, he has gone up in modern drama arena active more than 10 years, it is the senior actor of courtyard of Shandong modern drama all the time. The first teleplay, namely in those days fire alls over the whole nation ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” , what high mountain acts is Pan old. This the appearance of an actor, the big gold tooth after mixing 10 years is not a person completely. Must say, yan Zhi of high mountain is not quite tall, but there is full town energy of life on the body, let him perform a nobody to abolish interest none. ” the essence of life that ghost plays the lamp is absolutely ancient city ” in, high mountain introduces him the antecedents of that gold tooth, also can be the description that is loyal to origianl work. The description of origianl work is such. Lie of big gold tooth opens the mouth, that gold tooth that knocks oneself with finger tip says to us: “The eye on 2 father, this gold tooth, I close in Pan Jiayuan, from the grave gouge comes before Ming Folang gold, unplug in zhongzi mouth come down. I do not have be willing to part with or use to sell, unplug him tooth come down to be changed. ” when the big gold tooth that changes screen to go up when the character, the flavour that the sort of showing off is taken be held just rightly. ” north is smooth without war ” in, what high mountain acts is flay a flint allocate annals of Li Wu of division section chief. Show share is not much, but the condition of the sort of flay a flint, still be to let person clap cry really absolutely. The espionage war play of the most thorough last year popular feeling ” the person that pretend ” , very should much person remembered Liang Zhongchun of 76 section chief. Want to scoop up the appearance of money, bidajinyake is a go even farther than. Should not say more, in ” the person that pretend ” in dedicated the expressional bag of many full of vim and vigour. Or, bridge section chief, also won’t be called by the netizen ” bridge bud bud ” . Of another big heat ” happy eulogy ” , still have the figure of high mountain . ” happy eulogy ” li a personate Fan Sheng’s beautiful Jiang Xin cruel gets half alive, harmful netizens want collective to get the better of the fencing elder brother of beautiful contribution to fence, can be the classic of high mountain . The disaster that oneself enter, however every time should let a little sister carry boiler on the back. Anyway, I look ” happy eulogy ” when, wish to develop a Fan Ge to hit ability vent one’s hate. So look, high mountain still is a magical person really. You do not remember his name certainly, learn the role that he brings certainly however. But, if did not have this kind an actor in popular feeling of part gradual progress, so much teleplay, be afraid can regard as cartoon will look. Will continue to chase after again tomorrow ” the essence of life that ghost plays the lamp is absolutely ancient city ” , did not know to take a surname feeling gold of big gold tooth, hu Bayi and king fatso, still can touch a what treasured object this time.

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