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Original title: Yan Gao Hin is capricious, zhong Hanliang, Yang Ying should be in ” Gu fragrant do not admire oneself ” in photograph loving each other was killed Civil / Guan Mu does not know you have wood had listened to a special ox to force fool fooled network talk feeling great mind — if you had not listened,wind is done, feel embarrassed say you had mixed a novel to encircle. Small today the teleplay that makes up everybody to bring the homonymic novel that benefit adapts arrogant expression ” Gu fragrant do not admire oneself ” , be known as ” the novel after the first emperor ” . Listen to this name to feel very literary, bart, “Gu fragrant ” be meaning? Popular science small classroom above all, explain this term from etymology, one branch alone beautiful fragrant flower, extend the meaning is nobleness absolutely the character and morals of common. Like that and egg, small make up an explanation to be over, little baby people is the feeling very confused still? In the mist in whole person cloud, “Gu fragrant ” Where is the concern that how bought half wool fund with this drama? Indulge in self-admiration is to say self-appreciation, feel the person of him club marvellous Da. Indeed, the male feminine lead in drama also is marvellous marvellous Da really, but they are very lucky, need not lamentable self-appreciation. They are the people that do not admire oneself, because have an individual,he knows you. They are not the Chinese trumpet creeper that involve aid, need the Gao Zhi of the other side of have the aid of, play the peacock. They are ceiba and oak, wind has been blown, present his compliment each other. In drama male strong female strong, each other admire the talent of the other side, the thing other people that does pays no attention to solution to be indifferent to, it is good that two him people are known. Because know your person, just be the warmest companion. See small make up so honest picture wind, have a place abruptly unaccustomed? Yes, myself is unaccustomed also. Balabala is so much a moment ago ” Gu fragrant do not admire oneself ” sterling 3 view, but small make up did not neglect today’s job, one second winds the right way, open thematic page first, groups big will be admired. Appropriate ancient appropriate today, capricious Zhong Hanliang is performing Yan Gao Hin a few this years all the time contemporary theatrical work, for instance ” why sheng xiao silent ” , ” the most beautiful days ” wait, be being summed up is handsome much gold, concentrated spoony is set. But, did not forget please, small becoming famous can be ancient costume drama. Small the role of ancient costume drama that has performed each different type, the monarch of bully gas, pure and fresh handsome young man, cultured student, cheesy a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, every very give prize. In the memory of a lot of people, cannot forget face of take care for up to now. Although of personate is villain in drama, but he depends on masterly acting to deduce the face of take care for of Yi Zhengyi evil particularly action person likes, won the heart of countless people. Pure and fresh only beautiful modelling, occasion of cheesy and handsome acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance attracted a lot of audiences, zhong Hanliang grows hair amice, do not break simply agile model, show the most handsome Fu Gongxue. Kang Xi regards generation as the monarch, he is composed and sagacious, he waits for a person to have the amount of tolerate with others, the benevolence heart of the bully gas of generation emperor and cherish the world is explained first-rately by him, small the facial features of Jun Lang, absolutely Hold lives modelling of head of quiet day braid. The land ease disposition that Zhong Hanliang acts is amused ancient be puzzled, chang Lingren finds both funny and annoying. Can seeing is the character with an ancient clever odd choice, very handsome have a characteristic very much. Drama of long parted ancient costume is old, wuli is small wow be in eventually ” Gu fragrant do not admire oneself ” in returned to, small make up have an immature proposal: The beauty that making public a circumstance to see Hunan king a form of a address for an official or rich man please is illuminated, be afraid of abstain the baby with small force to begin to lick screen. Fierce can ten million of fight the enemy of go into battle, civil can write brandish asperses literary grace, this side colour kill, the heart that confuse younger sister is handed in already automatically. Jing grows a leg greatly now, mouth of brandish fan close lightly laughs, small fight so cheesy also, handsome overturn the heavens, adversary is about to prostrate in you pomegranate pants falls, surrender brother. Return Shuai Meng having bud handsome small expression bag, never mention it small make up impartiality heart you oh the Yanzhi of ~ Baby is everybody all along the dot of commend, in drama, baby is beautiful all the time also to immensity bound. Show bright and clean forehead, relaxed and clean, the woman figure of soft beauty is not broken again firm and persistent. Of the instant enchanted, it is the tenderness that lowers his head then most, understand why be like,yellow hierarch inspects Baby eventually bead be like treasure. Hang Ruqing wind, lead gas field oneself, fairy wants descend to the world ~~ this ” had chosen ” the meaning is. . . . . . . (see a graph announce) Yan Zhi CP, photograph loving each other kills a word to say ” Gu fragrant do not admire oneself ” story happening in a chaos caused by war frequent, cent closes without decided times, go on an expedition of Shikoku of advance, swallow, cool, Bai Lan endlessly. By Wuli Jin Guoguo Wang Qindi presses down nimble of north of boreal king Hunan (Zhong Hanliang is acted the role of) aid blast advance country, national power is the strongest, we are small ruse of battle of gallant be apt to, gest is outstanding, your become terror-stricken at the news of other the Three Kingdoms. Baby personate Yan Guojing installs Wang Fu’s quiet small lady-in-waiting — Bai Pingting, what be aed form of a address for an official or rich man as a child by Laowang is favorite, although be lady-in-waiting, be aed form of a address for an official or rich man to be taught wholeheartedly by Laowang however. (person beautiful life still has the rhythm of ability very much! ) prince He Su enters swallow country after kingship, begin to eradicate dissident, wang Fu completes collapse between one night. Bai Pingting and He Xia of small king father (Sun Yi continent is acted the role of) in the be scattered when absconding, driftage advance country. He Su you are very poisonous, poisonous poison is poisonous, swollen can you break so do the graceful of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse and Xiaowang a form of a address for an official or rich man? 8 over- . . . . . . . . So tear open, pour facilitating Chu Beijie to be mixed greatly temple of graceful Zhuge Zaisi encounters. (calculate me to excuse you, he Su. ) haw, cloister this ground, be fated apparently! ! Wow wow, is this the lot of the fate in fokelore? This two people encounter, admire each other, look at look at small the eyes that sees Baby, it is love completely ah but a group of people of same interest that belongs to severally is different however, the person that love each other cannot be defended actually! Be placed before them, it is the choice of be in a dilemma, the choice is about to be forced to abandon love loyally, choice love Is am sorry a country cardinal principles of righteousness, performed one act from this the cruel amour that another act loves each other to be killed is deep. This is opposite more than Zhong Hanliang and Yang Ying in drama ” vow to the month, never lose ” Cp, still have another pair of poisonous Cp, the boast day princess of obstinate and unruly (Gan Tingting is acted the role of) the He Xia with tasteful Ti Tang (Sun Yi continent is acted the role of) . The word says continent continent to small the impression that make up is originally ” love apartment ” the expression in is wrapped ah ~ did not think of, by ” Gu fragrant ” of the play staff take change division to vend a dozen playing the part of, also be the cheesy ~~ that does not want this dresses up must give full marks, must give take change division to add drumstick! ! ! Since ancient times the hero matchs beauty, and continent continent perform CP can be specialist of ancient costume belle — the Pan Jinlian that graceful of graceful of Gan Tingting Wuli can deduce coquettish enchanting not only, also can act Qing Chun’s natural Shen Bijun. It is person beauty has acting anyway, have actual strength capricious. Two people build play to be able to have what scintilla, look at look at stage photo to come YY. Did attentive baby discover to there still is a remarks on a piece of writing above their placard? Of boast day princess is: Phoenix day charming, grain colour jade puts in the Neon that move the cloud ‘s charge. He Xia’s is: Big carve fierces and ambitious fly, bloodsucking cry whip gets making love. You dope out what meaning? If you think this drama is the love of pure your Nong Wonong,make fun of nevertheless, small make up tell you, be off base! Grand piece gigantic make, sincerity full fosse makes big appearance very suck eyeball, the word does not say to go up directly more graph. So this drama is not simple Gong Dou theatrical work, more than fall in love, still have the warlike appearance of all sorts of of great momentums, flames of war flies violently, war meets, those who look is small making up is to burn with righteous indignation. See this number, you are looked at, force absolutely even if a fosse is made. Small make up hear, these pictures ever were in conciliatory, chase the deer-fight for the throne, film like the much ground such as hill, this with great quantity, you know to make just is to have floriferous idea. Strategics tactics, conspiratorial Yang Mou, let audience generation take the place of to feel. Look male advocate analytic condition, head melon seeds should keep turning, small make up feel oneself intelligence quotient is used not quite immediately. This moment Baby is pregnant, still perform so dangerous picture, be to respect property really, play staff sincerity is full! The star that carry a banner people Yan Zhi goes against day, acting to explode canopy, actual strength of the group of behind the curtain that make is so doughty, small make up had made calm decision, should seek this theatrical work. These two years, ancient costume drama is heat sows drama all the time. But it is celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct more kind, black unreal kind, pass through kind, can see so classical ancient character big play this inaccessibly. Hunan king father and white graceful can experience what kind of kind and enmity to pester, be together happily after all finally? Want to know, when waiting to sow, everybody forms a delegation go looking ” Gu fragrant do not admire oneself ” !

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